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Wisconsin Legislation 2007

The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group Needs Your Support

Please help us pass Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Regulation Act here in Wisconsin

Senator Jon Erpenbach has re-introducing Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act into the Wisconsin State Senate. The SB-80 is a comprehensive bill to regulate the traveling sales crews here in Wisconsin. If passed it would protect both homeowners and sales kids from violence and exploitation. Please help us support this very important legislation by sending Senator Erpenbach an Email casting your support.
Thank you
The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group Staff
Please Support The SB 80 Bill

Traveling Sales Crew Bill Will Protect Young People
A Column By State Senator Jon Erpenbach
Read This Story

Visit Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach's Website

View Media Coverage Related To SB-80 Senate Hearing On April 10, 2007
Don't cave in to lobbyists for sales crews - gazetteextra
Testimony Heard on Traveling Sales Crew Bill - NBC Channel 15 News
Bill would regulate traveling sales crews - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Lawmakers consider new guidelines for sales crews - Wisconsin Radio Network
Bill To Regulate Traveling Sales Crews Considered At Capitol - CBS TV Channel 3
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More Media Coverage On SB-80
Traveling sales crew bill advances - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Senate backs sales crew measure - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Traveling sales crew bill passes Senate - Associated Press

Twenty Years of Congressional Inaction:
Magazine Sales Crews
Timeline of Shame: Congress Fails to Act on Abusive Industry
Timeline of Shame
National Consumers League
Child Labor Coalition
Release Date: February 21, 2007
Contact: 202-835-3323,

Testimony Supporting The SB-80 Legislation

SGT. John D. Conger, Milton, Wisconsin Police Department

Phil Ellenbecker Director Dedicated Memorial Parents Group

Video Coverage Of
Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act

Jon Erpenbach
State Senator Districk 27
Floor Comments on SB 80
Presenter(s):Sen Jon Erpenbach
Time:11:00 AM CST
Length:2 Minutes
Description:Sen. Jon Erpenbach urges rejection of a Republican amendment that would have weakened his traveling sales crew legislation. Senators rejected the amendment 20-13, and Senate Bill 80 passed the Senate 28-5.
View Senator Erpenbach Video Clip (.wmv) File
Play Video Clip

SB-80 Small Business Committee Hearing
February 20, 2008
Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act

Letters of support to Chair Terry Moulton:

Wayne A. Nehring
Chief of Police
Chippewa Falls Wisconsin Police Department
Wayne A. Nehring

Alexander S. Kammer
Attorney At Law
Alexander S. Kammer

Pamela A. Christman
Mother of Peter Christman 9/15/80 - 3/26/99
Pamela A. Christman

Guy K. Spicer
Guy K. Spicer

Phil Ellenbecker
Father of Malinda Turvey 07/06/80 - 3/25/99
Phil Ellenbecker


Testimony SB-80 Hearing Febuary 20, 2008:

John Conger Milton Wisconsin Police Department
John Conger

Phil Ellenbecker
Phil Ellenbecker

Jennifer Ortiz
Administrator - Equal Rights Division
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Jennifer Ortiz


Media Coverage of SB-80: 2007 - 2008:
Media Coverage

SB-80 Small Business Committee Hearing
February 20, 2008
Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act

Letters of support to Chair Terry Moulton:

Wayne A. Nehring
Chief of Police
Chippewa Falls Wisconsin Police Department
Wayne A. Nehring

Lobbying in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ethics Board
To View Who Is Lobbying For And Against
Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act:
Under House:
Select: Senate
Under Proposal Type:
Select: Bill
Under Proposal Number:
Enter: 80
Under Legislative Session:
Select: 2007 Regular Session
Wisconsin Ethics Board Website

Lobbying For Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act
As Of June 9, 2007:
Wisconsin Council on Children ∓mp; Families
Visit Website
Wisconsin Independent Businesses Inc.
Visit Website
Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
Visit Website
Wisconsin Merchants Federation
Visit Website

Lobbying Against Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act
Southwestern Company
Take A Closer Look At The Southwestern Company
Research The Southwestern Company

Google Search: Traveling Sales Crew
traveling sales crew

Google Search: Magazine Sales Crew
magazine sales crew

Google Search: Magazine Salesman
magazine salesman

You can also use our search tools here:

Take a very close look at the ONLY company in the United States
that is interfering with and lobbying against a bill that
was created to protect the well being and safety of
Wisconsin children and homeowners.

How extremely regrettable that Southwestern, a company that started it’s business selling bibles door-to-door as a messenger for God has so blatantly decided to ignore the moral, ethical, and labor issues regarding the Wisconsin SB-80 legislation. “Malinda’s Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act” or SB-80 authored by Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach is a solid work of legislation that must not be modified or amended. Its primary purpose is to protect Wisconsin homeowners and kids from the continued violence that exists nationwide in the door-to-door sales industry. Its secondary purpose is to give rights to door-to-door sales agents who are currently being treated as indentured servants. Southwestern Company is the only organization in the entire United States that is against this legislation. No other business, state department, or company has ever objected to this bill. One needs to ask why only Southwestern Company would prevail in trying to destroy a piece of legislation that has nothing to do them. The answer from our perspective is more than obvious and it has nothing to do with the safety and well being of Wisconsin kids and homeowners.

Salesmen's license revoked in Upper Allen Township
By staff reports, June 7, 2007
The Sentinel
Last updated: Thursday, June 7, 2007 7:35 AM EDT
Read Story About Southwestern Sales Agent Revoked

Dedicated Memorial Parents Group
April 15, 2007
Updated: May 15, 2007
Southwestern Company and Wisconsin SB-80 Legislation

Kristen Rae Spicer
Former Southwestern Sales Agent
November 11, 2006
Kristen Rae Spicer Opinion

Take a closer look at the Southwestern Company
An Information Pack by Kristen Rae Spicer
Read This Info Pack In PDF Format

Southwestern Company Banned From Durham College
A warning to us all - December 16, 2005

Civil No. 04-3818 (JRT/FLN)
Read This Motion to Dismiss In PDF Format

DMPG Info Clip
September 15, 2003

Published in the Platteville Journal
September 10, 2003

A motor vehicle crash with injuries occurred on CTH D, five miles south of Platteville, at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 6.

Jenny Kwon, 18, of Freemont, Calif., was traveling northbound on CTH D when she lost control of her vehicle and went off the left side of the road rolling several times. Both Kwon and her passenger, Mariana Turner, 19, of Sausalito, Calif., were thrown from the vehicle.

They were transported to Southwest Health Center where Kwon was treated for serious back injuries and a collapsed lung, and Turner was treated and released.

No seatbelts were used.

By Jennifer Davis
Platteville Journal

DMPG Info Clip Resources:
Platteville Journal
25 East Main
Platteville, WI. 53565
Editor: Jennifer Davis
Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner.
Further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission.
DMPG research has learned through police reports that Jenny Kwon and Mariana Turner worked for a company out of Nashville, Tennessee by the name of Southwestern Company. This company hires students as independent contractors to sell their products door-to-door across the country. The students purchase products from Southwestern at wholesale prices and sell them to the customers at retail prices.

Students Beware of this Con!
It's not a REAL internship
The Student Room

Read This Opinion


The Truth About
The Southwestern Company

Research The Southwestern Company

If you have been adversely affected by The Southwestern Company in any way
please contact the DMPG WebMaster:


Note: The DMPG collects information from various sources:
police reports, court documents, media articles, and secretary of state websites.
The DMPG is not responsible for inaccurate data in any of the above sources of information.
Various company websites change over a period of time. Information and Links also change.
The DMPG cannot control this and for this reason cannot guarantee 100% accuracty of data.
If you have a question or find an error on this website please contact the DMPG WebMaster:
~or~ read the DMPG disclaimer: DMPG Disclaimer

Letters Of Support 2006:

CLC - Child Labor Coalition
Read PDF Child Labor Coalition Letter Of Support
Janesville Van Crash Mom Supports SB-251
Pam Christman Letter Of Support
Milton, Wisconsin Police Officer Supports SB-251
Officer Conger Letter Of Support
Dedicated Memorial Parents Group Testimony 2006
DMPG Testimony

Lobbying For The SB-80 Bill In 2006:

American Federation of Teachers
ATF 0f Wisconsin
Wisconsin Council On Children And Families
The Voice for Wisconsin's Children
Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Wisconsin State Agencies In Support Of The SB-80 Bill 2006:

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection
Wisconsin Department of Justice
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Wisconsin Cooperative Educational Service Agency

Lobbying Against The SB-80 Bill In 2006:

Southwestern Company

View Wisconsin 2006 Legislation On Traveling Sales Crews:
Wisconsin Legislation 2006

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