Traveling Sales Crews
A National Tragedy

The Silent Killer of Teens and Young Adults

No one deserves to die or suffer
or be abandoned or abused
because they are selling magazines
or cleaner products or candies door to door,
but they are.

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Check For Missing Persons

Abandoned, Abused, Stranded, Beaten, Victim of a Van Rollover, Raped:

If you are currently working for a door-to-door traveling sales crew and need help or if you are a parent looking for your child and you believe they are working for a door-to-door traveling sales crew contact: Parent Watch: Earlene Williams , Phone: 917.579.4641 . You can contact Phil through this web site or call 608-845-1711
If you cannot reach us by telephone go to the nearest public library
You can use the computers at the library to email us:

Follow Us On Face Book: Beware of Traveling Door-to-Door Sales Crews:
Beware of Traveling Door-to-Door Sales Crews


National Human Trafficking Resource Center
The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) is a national, toll-free hotline,
available to answer calls from anywhere in the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.
24/7 Hot Line: 1-888-3737-888

Operation: Safehouse
Director: R.J. PHILLIPS
Face Book: Operation: Safehouse

National Runaway Switchboard

US National & Federal - Police, Sheriff and other Law Enforcement Agencies

If everything else fails call the POLICE or find a Catholic church and ask for help.
DO NOT GO BACK To The Magazine or Cleaner Sales Company !!!

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View The Janesville, Wisconsin Van Crash Memorial Poster:
Janesville Wisconsin Van Crash Poster March 25, 1999

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Parent Watch
Parent Watch is a clearinghouse for information on child and youth labor abuse in the door-to-door sales industry. Parent Watch provides services to youth, families, media, civil attorneys, law enforcement and government.

Read the stories of young salespeople and parents. Then leave your own story here.

Dedicated Memorial
Dedicated Memorial is a memorial site dedicated to all of the children and young adults that have suffered or died while working for a door-to-door traveling sales crew.

Please Visit Cagey Consumer's Youth Field Sales Alert

Child Labor Coalition Home Page

Child Labor Coalition
Youth Peddling Crews: Sweatshops of the Streets

Child Labor Coalition
5 Worst Teen Jobs - Update

National Consumers League:
FIVE WORST TEEN JOBS - June 30, 1997

NCL Issues Five Worst Teen Jobs for 2002,
Calls for DOL to Release Related Report - April 15, 2002

National Consumers League
Six Tips For Working Teens

Child Labor Coalition - For Teen Workers and Students

Interstate Labor Standards Association
Child Labor Laws - Traveling Youth Crews

Blame publishers, not young sales people:
Earlene Williams and WSJ

"Travel the Nation. High Pay. All transportation and expenses paid.
Jobs for young people."
Better Business Bureau

Is That Traveling Sales Job For You?
Direct Selling Education Foundation

Cagey Consumer TWiki web site:
Hazards and Abusive Practices of Field Sales

A Madison Wisconsin Newspaper Editotial
Published on Monday, May 22, 2000
2000 Madison Newspapers, Inc.

Chid labor alert

Amber Alert

National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

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World Wide Intelligence Brokers
Research And Investigation Services
The Information Super Highway

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