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Matthew James Maxson
Traveling Magazine Door To Door Salesman

Offender: Matthew J. Maxson, (a.k.a.) Matt Maxson, (a.k.a.) James Maxson Additional Info
Offense: Murder In Progress
Location: Fulton, New York In Progress
Date: May 25, 2000 In Progress
Sales Crew: DeGeorge Sales
Company info: In Progress
In Progress
Clearinghouse: Palmetto Marketing, Inc.
Company Info
In Progress
Criminal Complaint: In Progress In Progress
Criminal Conviction: In Progress In Progress
Victim: Diana Cooper In Progress
Page Link: In Progress In Progress

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Matthew James Maxson
Matthew Maxson
Palmetto Marketing, Inc.

Salesman With Murder - Fulton Daily News

Maxson Wasn't Licensed To Sell Door-To-Door In City - Fulton Daily News

On Death Penalty Prosecution In Fulton Killing - Fulton Daily News

Murder Suspect Matthew J. Maxson - Fulton Daily News

Murder Charge; High Bail Set - Fulton Daily News

Judge Denies Request For Murder Suspect's Blood - Fulton Daily News

For Murder Suspect - Fulton Daily News

Judge Denies Request For Murder Suspect's Blood
Sample For DNA Tests - Fulton Daily News

Attorneys Argue Motions In Case Of Fulton Murder
Suspect Matt Maxson - Fulton Daily News

Maxson Pleads GuiltyTo Murder Of Diana Cooper - Fulton Daily News

Killer Sentenced To 15 Years To Life
Families Begin To Move On With Their Lives - Fulton Daily News

April Searor's Victim Impact Statement - Fulton Daily News

Diana Cooper's Family Sad, Angry,
Determined To Keep Matthew Maxson In Prison - Fulton Daily News

Sentencing begins healing for Diana Cooper’s family - The Valley News

Cooper's Family Not Satisfied With Killer's Answers - Fulton Daily News

Murder Of Fulton Woman Spawns Peddling Law - Fulton Daily News

City peddling law strengthened after murder of local woman - The Valley News

Bullhead Point Not Only Changes Proposed In Soliciting Amendments- Fulton Daily News

Magazine Sales Company Settles With Murder Victim's Family
For $1 Million - Fulton Daily News

Cooper's Family Wants Traveling Sales Industry To Check Workers' Backgrounds
                    By Heidi Webb /Fulton Daily News

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