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Van crash survivor seeks vehicle


By Mike DuPré/Gazette Staff

The family of Monica Forgues of Madison, a paralyzed survivor of the van crash that killed seven people north of Janesville on March 25, 1999, still does not have a van to transport Monica and her wheelchair.

Monica must rely on public transportation because her mother, Nancy Ashton, does not have the money to afford a used van to transport Monica to the hospital, for therapy and elsewhere. Ashton had to quit her job to care for Monica, who is paralyzed from the waist down.

Mother and daughter rely on W2 and Medicaid to make ends meet.

Ashton would like to buy a used van she found for sale for $4,000.

So far, $2,000 has been donated to a trust account established by Monica's lawyers, the firm of Lawton & Cates.

People wishing to donate can send checks payable to the Monica Forgues Trust Account in care of Lawton & Cates, PO Box 2965, Madison, Wis., 53701-2965.

Because Monica cannot return to school, she also will lose a school-provided computer and Internet access at the end of the school year. But someone already has donated a computer, so that need has been filled, a representative of the law firm said.

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