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Parolle allegedly burgles home

This story ran: Sunday, Jan. 18, on page 5.

A parolee working with a traveling magazine sales team allegedly burglarized a Palo Alto customerıs home, police said yesterday.

The suspect, Joshua Ray Ferreira, 23, of Oregon, was caught Thursday after he allegedly used the card to buy Caltrain tickets, then sell them for cash at the University Avenue station.

When arrested, Ferreira allegedly had in his possession mail stolen from a Southern California home several days before, according to a Palo Alto police news release.

³Ferreira is associated with an Indiana-based magazine service that transports young solicitors around the country to hawk the magazines door-to-door, often in violation of local licensing ordinances,² the police release said. It did not identify the company.

Police were called to the University Avenue station by a suspicious witness who saw Ferreira selling tickets late Thursday afternoon.

He was using a credit card to purchase $5 tickets, then sell them at reduced rates ³to parlay the ill-gotten tickets into cash,² police said. Officers found a local residentıs checkbook and her credit card on Ferreira, an Oregon parolee.

³When police contacted the owner of the checkbook, she reported that her home had been burglarized earlier in the afternoon, shortly after she had spoken with a door-to-door solicitor,² the release said.

Her checkbook and several credit cards had been taken. Some were found on Ferreira and others were dumped in a nearby trash can.

The victim identified Ferreira as the solicitor who had come to her door. Ferreira was charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and fraudulent use of a credit card, and was jailed in lieu of $60,000 bail.

Police reminded residents to be careful with commercial solicitors, saying they should have a Palo Alto-issued identification card. Police encouraged anyone finding a solicitor suspicious to call the department at 650-329-2413.

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