Traveling Sales Crews
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Raped and Murdered Homeowners for PROFIT
Murdered Sales Agents Selling Magazines
For Readers Digest, Conde Nast, Hearst, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones.
I Saw a PIG Eating a Pig: MPA/NFSA

Access Hundreds Of Media Videos Deplicting The Exploitation, The Labor Violations, And The Crimes

Meeting with Executive Vice President/General Manager of MPA April 5, 2004

Magazine Publisher Profilers: Names Of The Monsters, Trade Groups, Detailed Info. On Crimes They Are Responsibe For

Detailed Info. On Owners/Managers of Mag. And Cleaner Companies and Clearinhouses and Crimes They Are Responsibe For

Attorney Access: Legal Documents, Clearinghouse Contracts, Criminal Database, Civil Lawsuits

IRS Fraud

Documented Death Threats

Documented Emails to the MPA: Michael Pashby and Chris Nolan

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Workplace Violence

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    B) Rape
    C) Assault
    D) Burgulary
    B) Other

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2)Index By Traffic Accidents
    A) State
    B) Company
    C) Injured
    D) Deceased
    B) Other

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1) Carnage And Disaster - A Chronology Of The Traveling Door To Door Sales Industry

2) Titles Tell A Horrible Tale - A List Of Collected News Article Titles And Dates