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Jeremy A. Holmes

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Jeremy Holmes
Jeremy A. Holmes

Driver, Car Handler, Recruiter
Janesville Wisconsin Van Crash
Janesville Van Crash Page
March 25, 1999

Magazine Sales Crew.....................Youth Employment Services - A.K.A. - Y.E.S.
Magazine Company........................Subscriptions Plus, Inc.
Magazine Clearinghouse.................National Publishers Exchange - A.K.A. - NPE
Sales Crew Car Handler/Recruiter.....Jeremy Holmes/Jeremy A. Holmes
Y.E.S. Crew Chief..........................Choan Lane/Choan Alan Lane
Subscriptions Plus Owner................Karleen Hillery/Karleen H. Hillery
Karleen Hillery Member...................National Field Selling Association - NFSA
NFSA President..............................Nathan Edwards
NSFA Associate Member..................Magazine Publishers of America - MPA
MPA President...............................Nina Link

PROFILE: Jeremy A. Holmes
Driver, Car Handler, Recruiter

Janesville Wisconsin Van Crash
Accident Date: March 25, 1999
Consequences of this Accident
Status as of October 13, 2002

Janesville Van Crash

Jeremy Holmes tried to switch seats in a van carrying 13 sales crew members while driving 81 mph. Jeremy Holmes killed seven human beings on March 25, 1999 and maimed five for life because he didn't have a valid drivers license and didn't want to get another traffic ticket.

Jeremy Holmes sustained minor injuries, was arrested and locked up in the Rock County Jail. He was charged and convicted with seven counts of Homicide by Negligent Operation of a Vehicle (class E Felony) and five counts of Reckless Driving Causing Great Bodily Harm (class U Felony).

Dead are Joseph Wild, 21, of Lacombe, La., Malinda Turvey, 18, of Verona, Wis., Amber Lettman, 16, of Oregon, Wis., Corey Hanson, 22, of Wichita, Kan., Marshall Lee Roberts, 16, of DeWitt, Iowa, Crystal McDaniel, 25, of Princeton, W.Va. and Peter Christman, 18,of Tulsa, Okla., who died Friday in a Rockford Hospital.

The van crash accident that took seven lives and maimed five for life on March 25, 1999 is listed as one of Wisconsin's worst traffic accidents in the history of the state.

Jeremy Holmes was sentenced to seven years in prison on June 11, 1999. Seven years for seven lives. He was also sentenced to four years of probation for the five class E Felony counts.

Jeremy Holmes got away with driving the van for Y.E.S because there are NO background checks required (by law) when joining a sales crew. Jeremy Holmes had a job as a car handler/driver with the Y.E.S. sales crew because the crew chief, Choan Lane didn't care if Mr. Holmes had a valid drivers license. All Choan Lane cared about was making money.

The United States Government has taken no serious action in this matter other than to pass a piece of lame legislation in the Senate (s.2549) that does not address the major problems of this industry.

The United States Government is not interested in protecting children and young adults in this line of work even though the door to door sales industry has been listed by the National Consumers League (National Consumers League) as the third most dangerous job for teens and young adults in this country.

The United States Government is not interested in regulating this most destructive and corrupt industry because they would have to change the current labor laws of this country. Magazine publishers (MPA) and trade groups such as the National Field Selling Association (NFSA) lobby congress to not change the labor laws and to protect their profits. Profits that are made from the mutilations, rapes, abandonment's and deaths of our children, teens, and young adults.

Accident Data

Magazine Sales Crew: Youth Employment Services - A.K.A. - Y.E.S.
Magazine Company: Subscriptions Plus, Inc.
Magazine Clearinghouse: National Publishers Exchange - A.K.A. - NPE
Sales Crew Car Handler/Recruiter: Jeremy Holmes/Jeremy A. Holmes
Y.E.S. Crew Chief: Choan Lane/Choan Alan Lane
Subscriptions Plus Owner: Karleen Hillery/Karleen H. Hillery
Karleen Hillery Member: National Field Selling Association - NFSA
NFSA President: Nathan Edwards
NSFA Associate Member: Magazine Publishers of America - MPA
MPA President: Nina Link

AG Law Suits: YES
Civil Law Suits: Yes - (under construction)
Criminal Complaints: YES
Criminal Judgments: YES
Labor Violations: YES
Children Under 18: 5
Child Exploitation: Yes - (under construction)
Deaths: Janesville Van Crash
Number of Deaths: 7
Number of Serious Injuries: 5 - Janesville Van Crash
Memorials: Dedicated Memorial
Reference Articles:
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List of Magazines sold by Y.E.S.: Link
Accident Location: link
Correctional Institution - Wisconsin Department of Corrections: link

Law Enforcement, EMS, Hospitals, Cororners and Fire Fighters
Involved in This Tragic Accident:

Edgerton EMS: (currently no link)
Janesville Fire Department: link
Medflight Madison: link
Medflight Milwaukee: link
Medflight Rock County Airport: link
Mercy Hospital - Janesville Wisconsin: link
Milton Fire Department: link
Milton Police Department: link
Monroe Clinic: link
Rockford Memorial Hospital - Illinois: link
Schneider Funeral Directors, Inc.: link
Saint Anthony Medical Center - Rockford Illinois: link
UW Hospital - Madison Wisconsin: link
Wisconsin Court System: link
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection: link
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development: link
Wisconsin Justice Department: link
Wisconsin Rock County Sheriff's Department: link
Wisconsin State Patrol: link

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