Janesville Wisconsin Van Crash Memorial
March 25, 2012

For Our Children
In Loving Memory

The eternal flame of life cannot be smothered by my loss. I have held you in my arms as a child, your tears are my tears, your pain is my pain, my heart is with you now.

This page is dedicated to the seven beautiful children who lost their lives on March 25, 1999 to the tragic van crash in Janesville Wisconsin - May God bless them and watch over them throughout eternity.

Dear Lord

We have gathered her today to remember our children and our friends who died here or were critically injured. We bring flowers and we bring tears but most of all we bring our memories. Memories of our beautiful children who were taken from us on March 25, 1999.

We ask you to bless and comfort the 51 more families that have lost loved ones since you were taken from us and to give us the strength to stop this national tragedy before more human lives are destroyed.

Dear Monica, Nicole, Shawn, Staci and Craig we pray that you can overcome the pain and suffering that you have had to endure and that you can find peace and happiness in your lives.

Dear Amber, Marshall, Malinda, Joseph, Peter, Crystal, and Cory you will always be in our hearts and you will always be remembered.

Today after 13 years we gather here to honor your memories and to promise you that you did not die in vain. We want you to know how very much we miss you and how very much you are loved.

The flowers and wreaths that we place here today are a symbol of that everlasting love. But in our hearts you will live on forever.

Today after this memorial we will all leave here and go our separate ways. But you will remain with us as we travel into the future. Your laughter, your smile, your silly ways, and your dreams will always be with us.

God bless you and keep you for all eternity.

Peter Christman

Malinda Lillian Turvey

Amber Marie Lettman

Marshall Lee Roberts

Cory Hanson

Crystal Faith McDaniel

Joseph Wild

Peter Christman
Age 18
09-15-1980 - 03-26-1999

Cory Hanson
Age 22
12-01-1976 - 03-25-1999

Amber Marie Lettman
Age 16
04-21-1982 - 03-25-1999

Crystal Faith McDaniel
Age 26
12-15-1973 - 03-25-1999

Marshall Lee Roberts
Age 16
02-09-1983 - 03-25-1999

Malinda Lillian Turvey
Age 18
07-06-1980 - 03-25-1999

Joseph Wild
Age 21
08-24-1977 - 03-25-1999

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Janesville Wisconsin Van Crash March 25, 1999

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