Traveling Sales Crews
The Silent Killer of Teens and Young Adults

Tragic Events

The following links will take you to some of the most tragic and devastating events related to the traveling sales crews and the door to door sales industry. Most of these events have been covered by major media organizations. Most of these events have involved the specific States local law enforcement agencies, Attorney General's office, and in many cases the Department of Labor.

Many of these events have involved criminal activities and in most cases criminal convictions.
Many of these events have also involved civil lawsuits against the sales crews and the clearinghouses.

Janesville Wisconsin Van Roll Over March 25, 1999
Sales Crew: Youth Employment Service
Clearinghouse: Subscriptions Plus, Inc. Owner: Karleen Hillery
Crew Manager: Choan Lane
Van Driver: Jeremy Holmes

Traveling Magazine Sales Crew Van Crash
Janesville Wisconsin - March 25, 1999

Redding California Van Roll Over Febuary 5, 2000
Sales Crew: Senner Sales
Clearinghouse: All Star Promotions
Traveling Magazine Sales Crew Van Crash
Trinity County California February 5, 2000

When Crime Knocks
By: Jim Balloch - KnoxNews
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Another Fatal Van Crash Takes Two Lives
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Wisconsin Man Killed By Traveling Salesman
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Traveling Magazine Salesman Dies In Wisconsin
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Five Die In Fatal Magazine Sales Van Crash
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Magazine Crew Van Crash Kills One, Injures 10
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For Detailed Information On More Door To Door Sales
Illegal Activities

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