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Kristine Holmstedt Murder Case
Cerritos, California
November 19, 2004

Magazine Salesman
Wanted For Questioning By LASD

Kristine Holmstedt (pictured above) was shot to death in her home in the City of Cerritos, California on 19th of November, 2004. The police wish to question the young man who was seen arguing with Mrs. Holmstedt earlier because she did not want to buy a magazine subscription. The salesman was in his mid 20's, dark-complexioned. He was wearing beige slacks, dress shirt and tie. The $60,000 reward will be paid for information that leads to arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. Anyone who has information about this homicide or whose crew was selling in the City of Cerritos, California on November 19th, 2004 should call P.I. Thom Taylor 866-820-2880 who has been retained by the family.

Composite sketch of the magazine sales person completed by LA County Sherriff's Dept. which was used in a segment of LA's Most Wanted on the FOX network.

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