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In Memorandum

If you know of others who have paid the ultimate price while working on a sales crew, or who came into violent contact with workers from a sales crew, please email us with the information and we will add
the name of your loved one.

Originally Compiled: May 5, 2002
Last Update: December 9, 2017

In Loving Memory

Marie Axtell

Valerie Bagwell

Laura E. Barrow

Kevin Bissell

Tommy Kasey Boswell

Linda Bright

David Brown

Jessica Diane Brown

Mark Campbell

Lisa Carter

Adam Chesnek

Thomas Chester

Peter Christman

Bernice Clark

Dallas Wright Coldwell

Scott A. Cook

Diana Cooper

James Stephens Crawford

Kevin Danner

Eskalene DeBorde

Lauren Diefenthaler
(Amway Vehicle Crash)

Blair Jennifer Dimmick

Zach Dobson

Rodney M. Echelbarger
(Amway Vehicle Crash)

Aaron F. Esposito
(Amway Vehicle Crash)

Shemieka Fisher

Monica Forgues

Janice Fugate

Alicia Gerandt

Debbie Gibbs

Billy Joe Gilbert, JR.

Edward Gooden

Joshua Gould

Jennifer M. Hammond

Cory Hanson

Willie Henderson

William Hollister

Daniel Holloway

Dennis Craig House

Jesse Hubatch

Tara Rene Johnston
(Family Heritage/Southwestern Company)

Tracy Onawa Jones

Jasmin K. Kermmoade

Brett King

Brandi Korba

Juliea Ann LeBrun

Amber Marie Lettman

Kevin Lewis

Cathleen Ray Lupher

Crystal Mahathy

Lara Biegel-Majka

Crystal Faith McDaniel

Christopher McGee

Michael Thomas McKinley

Christopher Middleton

Daniel W. Mielcarek

Kristina Moore

Dennis Moss

Cathleen Munn

Gavin Murray

Mason Odom

Charles Phipps

Charline Polansky

Karen Range

Shirley Reuter

John Roberts
(Southwestern Company)

Marshall Lee Roberts

Tony R. Robertson

Shamblin Jo Rodriguez

Todd Shugart

Carolyn Sims

John Skyles III

Basil Smith

Zackery Spencer

Kyle Sporleder
(Amway Vehicle Crash)

Robert Spruiell

Amanda Spurr

Amber Stankovich

Benjamin Suazo

Jason Sweet

Steven Talley

Scott Tarwater

Richard Taylor

Rachealyn Tishie

Malinda Lillian Turvey

Bobby Unger

Anna Vuori

Alvin Walker

Jayne Van Wey

Melissa Whitehair

Joseph Wild

Daniel Patrick Willis

Peter Wingandt

Joshua James Wolf

Elizabeth York

Joseph "Joey" Young

Dan Ziegler


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