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News reports about serious problems with traveling door-to-door sales crews have been surfacing in the press for over 20 years.

By now nearly everyone has seen or heard some sort of bad news about these crews. Despite these reports, nothing has been done to regulate this industry in spite of two U. S. Congressional hearings and an outrageous, continuous outpouring of fresh stories of injuries and deaths of young salespeople.

We believe that part of the problem is the fragmented nature of the news stories, for these incidents occur randomly all over the United States because the jobs are travel jobs. There is, in fact, an order to these events--a pattern, a source. We are hereby correcting the problem of random information.

This site is dedicated to the archiving of news stories, convictions, and judgments in this sector of the door-to-door sales industry for perusal by the general public. We feel that the public has a right to know that these events have either happened in their state, or are likely to happen there in the future.

We feel that the public, by researching a particular interest on this website, will be able to readily see what the story is and what needs to be done. Most important, the public will be better able to protect its young people and keep them from falling prey to unscrupulous fly-by-night operators who make their living by trolling communities in search of a naive work force.

The news stories on this site will also demonstrate a disturbing trend in this industry: as the public has become better informed, the crew bosses have had more trouble recruiting through their usual medium of newspaper ads. They have turned to recruiting in malls, at teen events, on the street by pamphlet, and while selling door-to-door. Because hiring has become more difficult, more dangerous people are ending up on crews where they sometimes hurt innocent sales people as well as potential customers. This trend to increased violence will continue until something concrete is done.

We need new laws in place, both state and federal.

As you move through this information center we hope you will think of someone important who needs to know more about this. Feel free to forward any material to government or law enforcement or media and schools that you think will be beneficial. We only ask that you identify us as your source of the archived information.

If you have found this site because you have been injured while employed in this industry, or because there has been a news-worthy event in your community, please let us know and help us track the information down so that we may record it here.

It is a shameful thing that our government has chosen to ignore the plight of young, traveling door-to-door sales people for over two decades now.

It is beyond sadness for us, 'a parents' group whose children were victims, to think that if something had been done long ago when the first stories arose in the press, that our children, who were infants in their cribs at the time, would still be alive.

Who are we and what do we do

The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group

We are a non-profit watchdog activist organization that tracks and documents the criminal activities of the traveling door-to-door sales industry specific to the sale of magazine subscriptions, household cleaner products, and educational materials.

We help parents of missing children find their kids and help teens and young adults that have been exploited and/or abandoned.

Our organization works with the media and with both state and federal legislators. Currently we are working with federal legislators to enact a national version of the SB-4 legislation that became law in Wisconsin on March 26, 2009.

Over the past 12 years we have been very instrumental in connecting victims and victims families to various law firms across the country that are experts in winning civil lawsuits against companies and offenders that have committed serious crimes.

Because of our efforts we have been directly responsible for millions of dollars that have been awarded to victims of vicious crimes directly connected to the sale of magazine subscriptions and household cleaner products.

If you have been a victim of a felony crime and seek justice we would be more than happy to assist you. There is absolutely no charge for our work regarding your case. We will do everything we can to find you legal representation and charge nothing for our research.

The traveling door-to-door sales industry is rife with crime. Since our organization began recording these crimes we have documented over 350 felony cases and 95 deaths. Currently on our wanted page we have 3 unsolved murders and 4 unsolved rape cases.

We have been expert witnesses in several civil lawsuits and work with state and federal law enforcement at all levels and have aided law enforcement in the capture of several criminals that have committed vicious crimes against homeowners.

For information on how to file a civil lawsuit against a specific door-to-door sales company or if you need help please contact the WebMaster.

Dedicated Memorial Parents Group Staff
Posted: October 1, 2011
© Copyright 2011 Dedicated Parents Group LLC, Dedicated Memorial Parents Group. All rights reserved.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Note: The DMPG collects information from various sources:
police reports, court documents, media articles, and secretary of state websites.
The DMPG is not responsible for inaccurate data in any of the above sources of information.
Various company websites change over a period of time. Information and Links also change.
The DMPG cannot control this and for this reason cannot guarantee 100% accuracty of data.
If you have a question or find an error on this website please contact the DMPG WebMaster:
~or~ read the DMPG disclaimer: DMPG Disclaimer

Where To Get Help

If you have been hurt severely call 911 immediatly!

If you have been injured or violently attacked while on the job selling magazines or cleaner products, contact the local police immediatly. If the owner of the company, the manager, or the car handler have physically hurt you in any way for any reason get away from them as quickly as possible and call the police. Make sure that you file a police report against whoever attacted you and if your injuries require medical attention get to a hospital or medical clinic.

The following link will assist you in finding a local law enforcement agency:

If you are currently working for a door-to-door traveling sales crew and need help or if you are a parent looking for your child and you believe they are working for a door-to-door traveling sales crew:
Watchdog Help Resources

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Responsible Parties

There are many people and many businesses that benefit financially from the sale of magazines and cleaner products on a door-to-door basis.

The National Field Selling Association (NFSA - National Field Selling Association 
is the trade group for many of the magazine and cleaner companies.

The Magazine Publishers of America (MPA - Magazine Publishers of America 
is the trade group that represents over 1200 magazine publishers.

Connected to these trade groups are the magazine clearinghouses, distributors, magazine and cleaner sales companies, and the magazine and cleaner sales crews.

These companies and the people that serve them are using exploitation, false advertising, false representation, and physical and psychological abuse against the sales agents. This exploitation against teens and young adults represents nothing less than human rights and labor violations and has been an ongoing and well documented problem with the "traveling door-to-door sales" industry for well over thirty years.

The sales company classifies the sales agents as "Independent Contractors" as opposed to "employees." This is done for several reasons. Reasons that have been well thought out and put into place not to benefit the kids selling the magazine and cleaner products door-to-door but to make the sales company owners and the publishers a lot of money. If a sales agent is classified as an "Independent Contractor the door-to-door sales company does not have to pay workmen's compensation, the company does not have to provide any benefits like health insurance and the company does not have to pay minimum wage. This saves the door-to-door sales company a lot of money while basically leaving the kid with no rights. In the unethical and immoral "traveling door-to-door sales" industry "Independent Contractor" is just another name for slave or indentured servant. See Nancy Stancill's: "Slaves to the sale" articles - 1992:  Slaves to the sale

However, with respect to the law, the sales companies classify their workers as "Independent Contractors" to distance themselves from any legal problems if the sales agent gets in trouble and harms someone.

"The dirty business of sales by exploitation without legal entanglement."

Sales Agent Abuse and Exploitation

Here are some definitions of abuse. If any of these things are happening to you on crew - call the police and get as far away from the personal that is abusing you as soon as you can.

Physical Abuse: Hitting, slapping, shoving, kicking, punching, burning, choking, not allowing you to leave, using objects to cause injury (guns, knives, baseball bats, etc.).

Psychological Abuse: Threats, telling you what you can or cannot do, name-calling, put-downs.

Sexual Abuse: Rape, unwanted touching, forcing sexual acts, refusing to practice safe sex, withholding sex as punishment.

Property or Economic Abuse: Stealing or destroying personal belongings, hurting pets, taking money, withholding basic needs such as food and clothing, not allowing you to work.

With regard to the "traveling door-to-door sales" crews, taking away any of your personal belongings such as you cell phone, identification, wallet or purse would be considered Property or Economic Abuse.

Specific to the "traveling door-to-door sales crews" other forms of documented abuse and exploitation include:
1) Not allowing the sales agent to call home (isolation from family and friends).
2) Girls being sexually assaulted or raped by the managers or other members of the crew.
3) Working 14 hour days, 6 days a week.
4) Forcing the boys to box each other when their sales are low.
5) Forcing the kids with low sales to sleep on the motel room floor.
6) Physically beating the sales agent, sometimes so severely that they must be taken to the hospital.
7) Introducing kids to dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine.
8) Using the drug dependancy of the sales agent to keep them employed selling door to door.
9) Harassment and belittling of the sales agent in front of their peers.
10) Teaching the sales agents to lie to the consumer to make a sale.
11) Not applying for solicitation permits which ends up getting the agent arrested and thrown in jail.
12) Not paying the solicitation fine which leaves the agent with an outstanding warrant/criminal record.
13) Giving the sales agent a minimum draw to live on: ($10 - $15) when their sales are low.
14) False advertising "truth in hiring" violations.
15) Promising the newly recruited agent they will make $500.00 - $1000.00 per week.
16) Telling the sales agent that they own the company money if they are fired.
17) Not filing 1099 which gets the sales agent in trouble with the IRS.
18) Labor violations: hiring underage children.
19) Abandoning the sales agent when they are sick or cannot sell for whatever reason.
20) Leaving the agent hundreds or thousands of miles from home, without money and food.
21) Maiming or killing the sales agent in a vehicular accident.

In many cases after a van rollover that injures or kills an agent the sales agents personal belonging are distributed among the surviving crew members. The surviving agents and manager then leave immediately. The owner/manager of the crew never contacts the parents of the kids what were maimed or killed in the accident. No phone calls are made and no letters are written. The remaining crew makes it's "jump' to the next town or state to continue selling door to door.

If a sales agent is picked up and arrested by the local police for solicitation without a permit he may be held over in jail for a court appearance. If the agent is not a "good selling machine" the manager of the crew will just leave the agent in jail and go on to the next town. If the sales agent is a "good selling machine" and making the manager a lot of money then usually the manager will pay the fine for the solicitation violation.

Door-to-Door Sales
Youth Awareness
Questions and Answers
Oklahoma Department of Labor:
Read This - PDF Format

About Crew Life

Crew life is dangerous, not only for the sales agent but also for the homeowner. The NCL (National Consumers League) has listed "Traveling Door-to-Door Sales" as one of the top five most dangerous jobs for a teen in the USA today.
5 Worst Jobs

Over the last few years the Dedicated Memorial Parents Group (DMPG) has logged extremely serious crimes. The DMPG's members have worked with all levels of law enforcement and all levels of the justice systems across the country to document these crimes.

These crimes have been committed against both sales agents and homeowners. Crimes against sales agents range from physical and psychological abuse, beatings, abandonment, wage violations, labor violations, sexual assaults, rape, vehicular homicide, and murder.

Crimes against homeowners are so numerous that we can not list them all here. So we will list the most serious. The following list of crimes against homeowners is well documented and is a very serious and ongoing problem with the 'door to door sales' industry:
Sales fraud, mail fraud, trespassing, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, breaking and entering, burglary, arson, assault, sexual assault, rape, and murder.

Other sales agent crimes that the DMPG has documented include:
Possession of a controlled substance, distribution of a controlled substance, accessory to a crime, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, bail jumping, solicition permit violations, and the list goes on and on.
For a detailed list of crimes committed against sales agents and crimes committed against homeowners:
Criminal Profiler
For a detailed list of unsolved crimes against sales agents and homeowners:

Links To Related Articles Regarding Traveling Sales Crews:

DMPG Featured Article - July 17, 2008
Houston Press - Houston, Texas
What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know
About Door-to-Door Magazine Sales
That kid at your door with a magazine order form will tell you a story --
part sad, part hopeful. The truth will be infinitely worse than you can imagine.

July 17, 2008
By Craig Malisow
Houston Press
published: July 17, 2008
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DMPG Featured Article - Febuary 21, 2007
New York NY
For Youths, A Grim Tour on Magazine Crews

Febuary 21, 2007
New York Times
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New York Times:
Life on a Magazine Crew
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May 17, 2004
Knock Knock
Desperate, young magazine peddlers are out there,
roaming America in search of the next sucker.
Have you been conned?
By Rupal Parekh
The New York Review of Magazines

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April 4, 2004
Former magazine seller shares stories of life on the road
Naples Daily News
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Febuary 3, 2004

Youngsters abuse drugs while driving in vans,
party in motels every night,
and are exploited by managers
Inside Edition

Read This Story

Door-to-Door Magazine Selling Kids: Protecting Yourself While Helping Them Youth Field Sales Alert

Door-to-Door Sales
Youth Awareness
Questions and Answers
Oklahoma Department of Labor:
Read This - PDF Format

How Sales Crews Can Be Operating Illegally

In most cases when door-to-door sales crews come into town they do not register with the police department, the clerk of courts, or the town hall for a solicitation permit. If the town requires door-to-door solicitors to register, the sales crew has just broken the law. This presents an immediate problem for law enforcement because no one is aware of their presence. This condition now leaves the entire community vulnerable and homeowners at great risk.

The following list based on police reports and court records obtained by the Dedicated Memorial Parents Group will demonstrate the many ways in which sales crews operate illegally:

Recruiters and managers supply false information to the kids during the hiring process. Claims of making $500 to $1000 dollars a week are simply not true.
Several courts across the country, both state and federal, have imposed liability on employers who fail to deliver the kind of employment experience that was promised during the hiring or promotion process. Known generally as "Truth-in-Hiring" lawsuits. The door-to-door recruitement process includes fraud, fraudulent inducement, misrepresentation, negligent hiring, and failure to disclose.

Under age children have been hired by the sales crew recruiter/manager.

The driver of the van (car handler) does not have a valid drivers license or his license has been revoked.

The driver of the van is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group has documented many cases where this action resulted in the death of one or more sales agent/s.

The recruiter, car handler, enforcer, or manager are actively involved in procuring illegal drugs for the sales agents or they will tell the sales agents to procure drugs: "joints for points." In many cases these drugs are discovered in the van used to transport the sales agents as well as at the motel room where the agents are staying. Sales agents have also been arrested and convicted of distribution of a controlled

There will be sales agents in the crew that have outstanding warrants for their arrest. The warrant/s may be for a misdemeanor or a felony. In some cases when you open your door to a sales agent you will be looking at a convicted felon, a sex offender, or a sales agent that is currently in flight from justice.

IRS tax fraud and conspiracy to fraud the IRS.

Mail fraud.

Fradulant selling practice, false representation, sales fraud, identity theft.

For a more detailed list of crimes committed by door-to-door sales agents please visit:
Door-to-Door Sales Crimes

Can Sales Crews Be Dangerous

By virtue of the existence of this website there is no good news about "door-to-door sales crews."

Door-to-door sales crews are dangerous for everyone involved. Young children, teens, and young adults will always face great dangers when employed by this immoral and corrupt industry. Labor violations are legion. The companies that employ the kids fall through the legal crack. There is currently no state or federal legislation in place to regulate and protect the sales agents. The door-to-door sales companies can literally get away with murder. Abuse and exploitation against sales agents is rampant as are the crimes against homeowners.

Documented sales agent abuse takes on many violent forms. Physical and psychological abuse is a common practice throughout the crews. Abandonment, beatings, lack of proper nutrition, assault, battery, sexual assault, rape, drug abuse, death by drug overdose, death by van roll over, death by vehicular homicide are all common occurrences when employed by a door to door sales crew.
See: Sales Agent Abuse and Exploitation on this web page.

Homeowners and children are also at great risk when the door is opened to a 'traveling door-to-door sales' agent. The lack of proper background checks combined with the documented fact that door-to-door magazine and cleaner companies hire convicted felons becomes an extremely serious problem. The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group has documented over 300 felony cases as of August 11, 2008.
Door-to-Door Sales Crimes

The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group also maintains a wanted page: Wanted
As of August 11, 2008 we have documented 3 unsolved murders, 3 unsolved rapes, 1 unsolved attempted murder/sexual assault, 1 unsolved assault/attempted rape, and 2 unsolved cold cases. All of these cases are directly related to the traveling door-to-door sales industry.

Wisconsin Department Of Justice Response

In response to the March 25, 1999 van roll over that killed 7 kids and maimed 5 for life:
See: Janesville Wisconsin Van Roll Over March 25, 1999
See: Dedicated
The Wisconsin Department of Justice issued the following statement:
Wisconsin DOJ on Traveling Sales Crews

How Do I Contact My Attorney General Office To File A Complaint Or Report Fraud

Use the following links to contact your Attorney General:
National Association of Attorneys General
List AG by State:

What Legislation Should I be Aware Of

As of March 26, 2009 Wisconsin is the first state in the country to regulate
traveling door-to-door-sales crews:

March 26, 2009: Wisconsin Passes 'Malinda's Act'

On March 24, 2009 Malinda's Traveling Sales Crew Protection Act (SB-4)
was passed by the Wisconsin Senate (27-6)
and by the Wisconsin House of Representatives (68-30)
On March 26, 2009 Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed the bill into law.

For more information please contact Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach

Web Site:
Senator Jon Erpenbach
8 South, State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882
(608)266-6670 or toll-free (888) 549-0027
Fax: (608) 266-2508

Information on the new legislation can also be found on this web site.

Madison, Wisconsin
Press Release
Gov. Doyle: Signs Malinda's Act
March 26, 2009
Press Release
Gov. Doyle: Signs Malinda's Act
Contact: Carla Vigue, Office of the Governor,
MADISON—Governor Jim Doyle today signed into law legislation that will protect traveling sales crews from abuse by employers and sets regulations that also protect consumers and homeowners. Malinda’s Act, SB4, is a response to the tragic traveling sales crew van crash on March 25, 1999 in Janesville, which killed 7 people, including 18-year-old Malinda Turvey from Verona, and severely injured 5 others.

“Today is bittersweet,” Governor Doyle said. “Ten years ago, almost to the date, a tragic van crash killed seven young people and severely injured five more – all part of a traveling sales crew. What happened that night in Janesville shed light on an industry that was unregulated, and left unchecked, often abusive to its employees. Today, I will sign Malinda’s Act. Malinda was an 18-year-old young lady starting out in life when she was tragically killed. And it is people like Malinda, Amber, and Monica who we intend to protect by signing this law.”

The Governor was joined at the bill signing by Phil Ellenbecker, the father of Malinda Turvey, Bonnie Lettman, the mother of Amber Lettman, a 16-year-old from Oregon who was also killed in the crash, and Monica Forbes, who was left paralyzed by the Janesville crash.

In 1999, then Attorney General Doyle prosecuted those responsible for the crash including Y.E.S., a subscription sales company based in DeWitte, Iowa. He also advocated for legislation regulating the traveling sales industry in Wisconsin.

The Act sets multiple protections for employees on traveling sales crews. In part, the Act:

· Requires at least semi-monthly payment of all wages earned;

· Requires all vehicles used to transport workers to be certified for all safety codes, including having a seat belt for all passengers;

· Prohibits an employer from abandoning employees because they are sick, injured or have been arrested;

· Prohibits an employer from taking away a worker’s money, ID, phone or any other personal property during the course of employment with the traveling sales crew; and

· Prohibits an employer from restricting communication between the worker and family or friends.

The Act also protects consumers from scams and homeowners from dangerous criminals knocking on their doors. In part, the Act:

· Requires employers who utilize traveling sales crews in Wisconsin or who recruit crewmembers in Wisconsin to obtain a certificate of registration from the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) prior to entering the state. The information collected as part of the registration process will include any prior conviction record of all crewmembers;

· Requires traveling sales crew workers to carry a DWD-issued ID badge and a copy of the certificate of registration with them at all times;

· Requires the employer to request a registration stamp from a local municipality. The stamp must be placed on the certificate of registration prior to selling door-to-door in any community;

· Requires the notification of local law enforcement of planned sale activities; and

· Limits the times of day salespersons on a traveling sale crew can engage in sales activities to between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

This bill does not apply to fundraising sales by a nonprofit organization, such as the Girl Scouts, or schools and does not preempt a county, city, village, or town from enacting a local ordinance regulating the sale of goods or services to consumers from house to house, on any street, or in any other place that is open to the public.

Governor Doyle thanked Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts for their work on the bill.
Contact: Carla Vigue, Office of the Governor,
Madison, Wisconsin
Read This Story

One of the greatest and most serious problems related to the 'traveling door to door sales' industry is the fact that as of August 17, 2008 there is no state of federal law regulating the daily operations of door to door sales companies across the country. This allows the door to door sales companies to flaunt law enforcement at all levels. The sad fact is that on a daily basis hundreds if not thousands of labor, civil, and human rights violations are being committed against young door to door sales agents. Coupled with this sad fact is the increased and devastating crime that is devouring families. It is a known fact that door to door sales compaines employ convicted felons and dangerous individuals with outstanding warrants. This continued practice of irresponsible hiring practices is not controlled or regulated at any level. The consequences of this are sales fraud, burgularies, assaults, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders against homeowners.

Over the years several attempts have been made to pass legislation that would address and resolve many of the on-going crimes and labor issues: legislation 2006.html legislation 2007.html

Unfortunately for everyone the above legislation, both state and federal, has never been enacted into law. Legislation that was intentionally designed to protect young sales agents, kids, and homeowners from the continued crimes that infest this immoral and corrupt industry. How could this happen and why would anyone want to interfere with legislation that would save human life? The answer may be found by looking at the large multi-billion dollar a year companies, trade groups, and corporations that do everything in their power to defuse and destroy this legislation. These greedy money hogs are not concerned in the least that occasionally a kid or homeowner is raped or murdered or that seven kids are killed in a van roll over while selling their products. These unfortunate incidences are looked upon by the corporate heads, owners, and CEO's as collateral damage and the price of doing business for a profit. Profits soaked in the blood of our children.

The following Compaines and trade groups have actively fought against both state and federal legislation:

Direct Selling Association
Kirby Vacuum
National Field Selling Association
Lobbying against legislation and representing Members of the NFSA.
Lobbying against legislation and representing the best interests of:
Magazine Publishers of America and their associated members and magazine publishers:
Southwestern company
Research the Southwestern Company:
Southwestern Company Research

Names Of Publishers, Clearinghouses, Door to Door Sales Companies and Crews

List Companies

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Dedicated Memorial Parents Group:
Parent Watch:

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What Is The Profiler Page And How Does It Work

The Profiler Page is a list of door-to-door related crimes.
This includes labor violations, fraud cases, and other serious crimes
that have been committed either against sales agents or homeowners.
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How The Profile Table Works

List Sorted Alphabetically By Last Name of Offender
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    Updated Profile Page: 06/16/08
    GREEN = Information/Data Source.
    Typically this will be from police reports and/or associated court documents.

    * Next to name indicates that offender committed a crime
    against a sales crew member

    ** Next to name indicates that offender was a company

    *** No name in the offender column indicates that no charges were filed.
    However the incident may in some cases have involved other actions such as
    civil or labor violations depending on the circumstances.

    n.a. in offender column indicates that the driver in the accident
    was not charged with an offense. The driver is therefore not posted in this table.
    However the accident may in some cases have involved other charges, civil actions
    or labor violations depending on the circumstances.

    NFSA Member = National Field Selling Association Member

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    and would like more detailed information not posted
    on this website ~or~ if you would like to receive
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    To request spreadsheet data (Microsoft EXCEL) and database info on the 'traveling door to door sales' PHENOMENON in the United States:
    Crimes and Criminal profiles (including court documents), Victims,
    Sales crew companies and owners, trade group connections/members and sponsors,
    trade group executives, sales crew company contacts, and unposted chronology logs/statistics:

    Please contact the DMPG Webmaster:
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    NOTE: This information is specific to the following industries only:
    1) Traveling Door-to-Door Magazine Sales.
    2) Traveling Door-to Door Cleaner Product Sales.
    3) Vacumm Cleaner Sales.
    4) Candy Sales.
    5) Door-to-Door Educational/Book Sales.

  • Can You Give Me Some Statistics

    As of November 13, 2017 the DMPG is aware of 100 documented deaths
    and over 450 documented criminal felony cases all directly related to the
    traveling door-to-door sales industry.

    The death and crime statistics include door-to-door sales agents committing crimes against
    homeowners, door-to-door sales agents/managers/car handlers committing crimes against each other,
    and homewoners committing crimes against sales agents.

    The above statistics only account for what the DMPG is actually aware of.
    Just imagine the deaths, crimes, and exploitations, that are hidden away
    in police reports, newspaper archives, and libraries all across the country.
    We have always believed that what we don't know about this fowl and immoral industry
    would most certainly overshadow that which we have already discovered.

    View the DMPG Memorial Page:
    View the DMPG Criminal Profiler:
    Criminal Profiler
    NOTE: Some of the criminal cases have not yet been posted to the criminal profiler.
    This may be do to incomplete information, case in research, or case new and in progress.

    For specific details and a breakdown of the above statistics please contact the webmaster:

    For article research and door-to-door criminal chronologies click on the link below: to door sales articles by year.html

    How Do The Crew Chiefs Recruit and Get Kids to Work On a Traveling Sales Crew

    1) Newspaper Ads.
    2) Sales Agents recruit as they go door-to-door.
    3) Internet - My Space and the magazine company and clearinghouse web sites.
    4) Teen hangouts and main street USA.
    5) Word of mouth.
    6) Family run door-to-door sales companies.
    Door-to-Door Sales
    Youth Awareness
    Questions and Answers
    Oklahoma Department of Labor:
    Read This - PDF Format

    Can You Give Me Examples of Newspaper Ads Used to Recruit Kids

    Ads like these are killing children, teens, young adults, and homeowners:

    Knock Knock


    YES is in town and needs 18-
    25 sharp & enthusiastic guys
    & gals. If you are money
    motivated and tired of fast
    food or minimum wage, we
    offer 2 week paid training.
    All expenses paid. no experience
    necessary. If you are out-
    going and can start immedi-
    ately. Please call 608-241-
    4171 ask for Mr. Holmes
    (Mon. thru Wed.)

    These Kids Answered The Ad And Died On The Job !

    Fun & Sun. $500 Today.
    We are now hiring 10 girls & guys 18 and over.
    Work and travel for sales in the USA.
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    Can you work as hard as you party.
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    Two weeks paid training. 2 paid vacations.
    Transportation provided.
    Contact Beckey

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    Call Shirley at 1-866-617-8791.

    Door-to-Door Sales
    Youth Awareness

    Questions and Answers
    Oklahoma Department of Labor:
    Read This - PDF Format

    Newspapers are by-and-large privatly held companies and have the absolute right by law
    to refuse ads like these from the crew managers and owners.
    We highly recommend to all newspaper companies across the country
    to IMMEDIATELY STOP! allowing these fly-by-night exploiters
    to continue placing the above types of ads in your newspapers.
    Besides the ever so slow federal legislation drastically needed to regulate
    this fowl and immoral industry we have 4 ways to fight this evil monster:

    1) Educate our children at all levels.
    2) DO NOT allow our teens and young adults to work for a traveling sales crew.
    3) DO NOT buy their magazine and/or soap products door-to-door.
    4) Starve them of their work force by not allowing ads like these to be posted.

    Newspapers Across The Country
    It is your legal right and moral obligation to STOP these ads!

    National Newspaper Search -

    What are some of the 'buzz words' and slang used by sales crews

    Mag Buzz Words and Other Useful Info

    CREW TALK- the slang behind the slavery
    WARNING: SOME VERY EXPLICIT CONTENT view with discretion
    by Abolition Movement Against Human Trafficking
    on Mag Crews on Friday, August 20, 2010 at 10:16pm.
    Read Crew Talk

    Abolition Movement Against Human Trafficking on Mag Crews

    Define: "Organized Crime"

    Internet Links To Definitions Of: "Organized Crime":

    See: Traveling Door-to-Door Sales Industry Flow Charts

    Organized Crime Research:

    National Field Selling Association (NFSA)

    NFSA Website:

    Google Search: National Field Selling Association
    Google Search This Site For: National Field Selling Association

    A Industry Rife With Fraud, Exploitation, and Crime
    Do you love your mother?
    Do you love your daughter?

    Then contact the Magaizine Publishers of America and the National Field Selling Association
    before your loved one is raped and murdered by a traveling door-to-door salesman.
    Tell them to put an end to the greed and the crime before another innocent life is lost.

    Do you love your child?
    Then contact the Magaizine Publishers of America and the National Field Selling Association
    before your kid is murdered or killed in a van roll over. Tell them to put an end to the explotation of teens and young adults.
    Tell them that you want the GREED for PROFIT to STOP!

    Magazine Publishers of America - President: Nina Link - MPA
    Nina Link
    President & CEO
    (212) 872-3710
    Office of the President
    Email Nina Link
    Nina Link
    President & CEO
    (212) 872-3710
    Carolyne Tang
    Executive Assistant to the President
    (212) 872-3711

    National Field Selling Association
    President: Ms. Sandra Hall (President) NFSA
    Alliance Service Company (ASCI)
    (847) 253-7766
    2390 Esplanade Drive, Ste 206, Gilberts, IL 60136
    Email Sandra Hall
    Email Sandra Hall

    DMPG Info:
    Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Trade Group:
    National Field Selling Association
    end DMPG Info
    December 29, 2011
    Ripoff Report: #815672
    Complaint Review: NFSA
    Submitted: Thursday, December 29, 2011
    Posted: Thursday, December 29, 2011
    Reported By: Once a Member — Dallas Texas United States of America
    Internet Pennsylvania United States of America
    Category: Cult Organizations
    NFSA: National Field Selling Association, Scumbag Criminal Publishers: Covering up criminal Companies. Internet, Pennsylvania RipOff Report:
    Read The Entire RipOff Report Here
    Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on NFSA

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    police reports, court documents, media articles, and secretary of state websites.
    The DMPG is not responsible for inaccurate data in any of the above sources of information.
    Various company websites change over a period of time. Information and Links also change.
    The DMPG cannot control this and for this reason cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of data.
    If you have a question or find an error on this website please contact the DMPG WebMaster:
    ~or~ read the DMPG disclaimer: DMPG Disclaimer

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