Traveling Sales Crews

The Silent Killer
Of Teens And Young Adults

Exploited Teens

The dirty business of child exploitation is alive and well in the door to door sales industry.

Children and young adults across this country are at risk of being falsely lured into this brutal and immoral business.

Our research also shows an alarming increase of violence against anyone unfortunate enough to open their door to a traveling sales crew agent.

A lack of background checks combined with our own government’s inability to pass meaningful legislation to regulate the direct sales industry is responsible for the violence and death that has plagued this industry for well over two decades.

But the real villains of this national tragedy are the clearing houses and publishers that on a daily basis continue the dirty business of sales by exploitation without legal entanglement.

Children and young adults across this country are being abandoned, mutilated and killed in traffic accidents, raped, and murdered. They are being exploited by people who sit back in their easy chairs inside of luxurious offices collecting hundreds of millions of dollars a year in profits. Profits that are collected through a chain of business relationships based on direct sales and the door to door sales industry.

This industry is a multi-billion dollar a year conglomerate that feeds on the wanderlust, inexperience and innocence of children and young adults.

As of this editorial the door to door sales industry is directly responsible for the deaths of fifty human lives that we are aware of. This industry is also responsible for countless abandonment’s, traffic mutilations, and life long psychological injuries. The facts presented here speak for themselves. One only needs to look at the staggering amounts of media coverage collected on our web sites to realize how very severe and devastating this problem really is.

Children and young adults are not the only victims of this soulless blood sucking industry.

Our research has uncovered an alarming trend in violent crimes being carried out against anyone unfortunate enough to open their door to a traveling sales crew member.

Many of the individuals hired by the unscrupulous fly-by-night sales crew recruiters have criminal backgrounds. Our records show that these individuals have committed some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Crimes that have destroyed lives and devastated families across this country.

Excerpt Taken From The February 2003 Dedicated Memorial Parents Group Press Release
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You have reached the Traveling Sales Crews Information Web Site:
Traveling Sales Crews Home Page

This web site is sponsored by the Dedicated Memorial Parents Group
and as such is dedicated to presenting
the violent, destructive and greedy acts that have turned
the Traveling Sales Industry and the Door To Door Sales Industry
into a National Tragedy.
Dedicated Memorial

To understand why we have created these web sites please take a moment
to review our introduction. It will give you a brief but very good
overview of why all parents and kids must become aware of this extremely
dangerous and deadly industry and why all states and the federal government
must pass powerful legislation to stop the child exploitation,
abandonment, rape and murder that has continued to plague
this destructive industry, for decades.

No one deserves to die or suffer
or be abandoned or abused
because they are selling magazines
or cleaner products or candies door to door,

The Silent Killer of Teens and Young Adults

Traveling Sales Crews
A National Tragedy

Facts Manipulated - The Truth Hidden

Child Abuse
Traffic Deaths

The dirty business of sales by exploitation without legal entanglement.

This website is dedicated to all of the children and families
who have suffered at the hands of "traveling sales crews"
throughout this country.

The purpose of this site is to honor their memories
and to aid in the transmission and discovery of recent events, media coverage, legislation and information related
to this silent killer of young adults.

It is also dedicated to justice and truth with the sincere hope
that these virtues will one day overwhelm the illegal and immoral practices that many of the traveling sales crews and door to door companies have engaged in.

The Traveling Sales Crews Information site was created to be used as a tool by legislators, law enforcement agencies at all levels, attorneys, and the media for purposes of researching and monitoring the door to door sales industry.

Information on this site is also intended to be made available to the general public in an effort to warn parents, children and young adults of the many dangers involved when working for many of the door to door sales companies.

~ Important Links ~

Parent Watch
Parent Watch is a clearinghouse for information
on child and youth labor abuse
in the door-to-door-sales industry.
Parent Watch

Traveling Sales Crews Information
A database site that archives news articles, tracks all known
illegal activities of the sales crews, and logs criminal
complaints and convictions.
Traveling Sales Crews Info

Magcrew is dedicated to helping individuals who have
or are currently selling magazines/soap for traveling crews.
It is meant to share stories (good or bad) and hopefully help
those who feel they were abused by the companies
who hired them.
It is also intended to help those who are currently selling
to get home if they want to.

Dedicated Memorial
Memorials dedicated to all of those who have suffered
or perished because of the door to door sales industry.
Dedicated Memorial

Cagey Consumer
Consumer Advocacy.
Youth Field Sales Alert

State of Wisconsin
Department of Justice

Division of Criminal Investigation
White Collar Crimes Bureau.
Traveling Sales Crews

For Expert Information On Safety in the Workplace.

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