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Press Release
April 14, 2006

Dedicated Memorial Parents Group

Press Release
For Immediate Release
April 14, 2006

Traveling Door To Door Sales Crews
A National Tragedy

It cannot be understated and it cannot be denied. The need for state and federal legislation to regulate the ‘traveling door to door sales industry’ is beyond doubt absolutely necessary and timely.

Innocent children, teens, and homeowners are being raped, murdered, and mutilated.

This pattern of carnage has existed for well over 30 years and continues today.

The exploitation of children and teens combined with the lack of background checks and inadequate legislation has left a devastating trail of suffering and grief all across this country.

Driven by ruthless fly-by-night magazine and cleaner door to door sales companies and trade groups like the National Field Selling Association, the traveling door to door sales industry has destroyed more families than any other traveling sales industry in the history of our country.

To make this crystal clear the Dedicated Memorial Parents Group has published statistics that have been collected over the past three years. There are currently 70 good reasons why state and federal legislation must be enacted immediately to regulate this out-of-control and corrupt industry. The 70 reasons are all deaths directly related to the ‘traveling door to door sales industry.’

To illustrate how sever the carnage is we have compiled the following data:
Death by murder: 26
Death by vehicular homicide: 13
Death by van roll over: 15
Death by plane crash: 8
Death by vehicular collision: 4
Death by drug overdose: 1
Death by drowning: 1
Death by exploitation: 1
Death by suicide: 1
(Documented deaths that we are aware of as of this press release)

There are also over 200 (known) criminal felony reasons why state and federal legislation must be enacted immediately:
(note: the information below does not include data on Vehicular Homicide and deaths related to van roll-overs and car accidents or additional criminal cases after the date of this release. For a complete and up to date criminal excel log please contact the DMPG. As of this release the DMPG has logged over 200 criminal felony cases.)

Please visit the DMPG criminal profiler for additional information:
DMPG Profile Page

Sexual Assault: 32, Burglary/Theft: 27, Rape: 25, Murder: 26, Kidnapping: 7, Attempted Murder: 5, Felony Assault: 3, Felony Battery: 3, Assault on a police officer: 3, Criminal Trespass: 3, Involuntary Manslaughter: 2, Criminal Home invasion: 2, Labor Violation/Endangering the welfare of a child: 2, Possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute: 2, Prescription Drug Theft: 1, Attempted Arson: 1, Arson: 1, Check Fraud: 1, Criminal Possession of stolen property: 1.
(data source: Dedicated Memorial Parents Group; information gathered from police reports, criminal complaints, criminal convictions, and media coverage) 88% of the above crimes occurred between 1990 and 2005.

The information above does not include statistics on abandonment’s, mutilations from traffic accidents, van roll over injuries, misdemeanors, unsolved sexual assaults, rapes, or murders. The information above is based on what the DMPG has uncovered as of this press release. What is equally disturbing is what we have not uncovered.

The above statistics show a pattern of violence that is occurring at an alarming rate all across the country. The loss of one life, the rape of one teen or the mutilation of one child is more than enough reason to act. Unfortunately this industry has gone unchecked and unregulated for so long now that it has left a trail of death and devastation that can no longer be ignored.

Now after 7 years there have been 28 more deaths across the country since the Janesville Wisconsin van crash. Two of these deaths were in Wisconsin. Wisconsin currently has the highest percentage for door to door sales related deaths. As of this press release there have been 11 documented deaths in Wisconsin.

The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group is asking both state and federal legislators to please pass meaningful and powerful legislation that will regulate this most destructive industry. And to give law enforcement, state prosecutors, and civil attorneys the tools they need to prosecute the traveling door to door sales companies and clearinghouses when their managers and employees break the law.

To view many of the criminal acts that have been committed against both sales crew agents and homeowners please visit the profile page:
DMPG Profile Page

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Dedicated Memorial Parents Group
April 14, 2006

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April 14, 2006

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