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Press Release
April 17, 2004

Dedicated Memorial Parents Group

Press Release
For Immediate Release
April 17, 2004
A National Tragedy
Traveling Sales Crews
Door-to-Door Sales Industry

There is a battle raging in our country, a war without a name. It festers like so much pain and suffering brought forth by child exploitation and greed for the almighty dollar. The casualties are our own children and yet the United States government has decided to ignore the catastrophic effects of this most deadly killer that ravages and destroys thousands of families across this country.

Its roots disgrace the fundamental rights of free enterprise and corrupt the foundation of honest, moral, and ethical business practice. This cancerous seed grows from a greedy and corrupt industry orchestrated in part by the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) (, and the National Field Selling Association (NFSA) ( who oversee a multi-billion dollar a year conglomerate based in part on the door-to-door sales of magazines.

Neither the MPA nor the NFSA have done anything to regulate their own destructive and deadly industry that uses children, teens, and young adults to sell their products.

The United States government has introduced two bills over the past four years but unfortunately both bills have died in congress.

Senator Herb Kohl (D) of Wisconsin introduced the S.96 bill on January 22, 2001 in response to the horrific van crash near Janesville, Wisconsin that killed seven magazine crew members and maimed five for life. The bill was ripped apart and re-introduced as S.2549 in 2002. It passed in the senate and then died.

A second bill HR 3070 brought forth in the Congress by Congressman Petrie and Lantos has also been squelched. The HR 3070 bill was a watered down version of the original S.96 bill.

Driven by the NFSA lobbyists, and our own federal governments lack of interest in amending the federal labor laws there is no chance of saving our nations most precious resource from the magazine clearinghouses across this country that recruit and abuse children and young adults on a daily basis.

Without federal regulation the door to death and exploitation opens wider and wider every day. Thousands of children and young adults have been victimized by this abusive industry. Many of these children who are promised adventure and large sums of money cross the line into a forsaken world of drugs, abandonment, abuse and deception. Many of these children never come home.

Unfortunately since the Janesville van crash on March 25, 1999 seventeen more human lives have been lost to this immoral and corrupt industry.

Rape, murder, abandonment, and traffic deaths have become a way of life for many of the children and young adults trapped in the vicious circle of abuse carried out by many of the door to door sales company crew chiefs.

The kids are worked and treated like slaves, dropped off in unfamiliar cities and towns across the country to sell magazine subscriptions from early morning until late in the evening these kids seldom receive enough spending money to get a decent meal. If sales quotas are not met or if the salesperson becomes sick the crew chief simply abandons them without money, food, or a way to get home.

News reports of this abusive industry and the exploitation of children have been in headline news for well over twenty years and yet there has been no federal legislation to protect the rights of our children. Until the United States government realizes the deadly and criminal aspects of the door to door sales industry and acts to regulate it, there will be many more horror stories of death, rape, murder, and abandonment.

Sales crew agents are not the only victims of this treacherous and corrupt industry. DMPG research has discovered an alarming trend in violent crimes being carried out against anyone unfortunate enough to open their door to a traveling sales crew agent. Many of the individuals hired by the unscrupulous fly-by-night sales crew recruiters have criminal backgrounds. DMPG records show that these individuals have committed some of the most heinous crimes imaginable, crimes that have destroyed lives and devastated families across this country.

Please, as caring parents and concerned citizens warn your families and your children of this silent killer of teens and young adults before its too late. Don't let your daughter bleed to death alone on a cement highway from a two inch crack in her skull after being thrown from a speeding van traveling 81 mph. Don't look back like I do, every day of my life wishing she was here with me now.

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Dedicated Memorial Parents Group
April 17, 2004

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April 17, 2004

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