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Ask for direct sellers permit, says police chief
Milton Courier - Wisconsin

Published in the Aug. 22 edition of The Milton Courier Volume 122, No. 34

Beginning at about 2 p.m. on Aug. 6 Milton Police received a number of calls from area residents asking about sales people going door-to-door selling household cleaning products.

One such call came from the Tigger Court area. An officer who went to the area to check on the complaints observed a young man running up Tigger Court with money in his hand.

The officer made contact with the individual who identified himself as Ryan E. Jacobs, 19, of 620 Amador Street, Vallejo, Calif.

Jacobs told the officer he worked for K & S Enterprises, 1708 E. 87th Place, Chicago, Ill. He said he had a sales permit for Janesville, but not for Milton. He was cited for failure to obtain a license or permit. He made contact with his supervisor, Marquitta D. Jenkins, who came to the police department and paid his $100 fine. Shortly afterward two more salespeople came to the police station. They had stopped selling, and were not ticketed.

Jenkins brought the sales people to Milton in a large passenger van, dropped them off in teams, established pick-up locations and times, and put them to work. It is unclear how many salespeople were involved. The teams were not in constant contact with Jenkins, so when police began the investigation the workers were not aware that their colleague had been cited for not having a permit, and continued to pursue their own sales. Complaints came in through the afternoon and into the evening.

Milton Police Chief Terry Hawkins says merchandise salespeople must obtain a direct sellers permit from City Hall and pay a $25 fee before they can go door to door.

Hawkins asks that Milton residents be cautious when salespeople knock on their doors, whether at a business or a residence.

“Ask to see that person’s retail seller’s permit before you agree to look at their merchandise,” said Hawkins.

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Info Clip
D.M.P.G. Web master
August 24, 2002

The above article written by the Milton Courier has uncovered a company by the name of K & S Enterprises. K & S Enterprises is a distributor for Austin Diversified Products, Inc.. ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Clear, Purple and USAdvanage Citrus Wonder Degreaser are cleaner products manufactured by Austin Diversified Products, Inc.. These products are sold on the world wide web at: These products are also sold by door to door sales crews as the above article demonstrates. Further investigation into Austin Diversified Products, Inc. reveals the owner of this company as one Nathan Edwards. Continued investigation reveals Nathan Edwards to be the president of The National Field Selling Association - NFSA.

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