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Rodger Eric Broadway
Traveling Magazine Door To Door Salesman

Offender: Rodger Eric Broadway Additional Info
Offense: Burgulary
In Progress
Location: Knox County, Tennessee In Progress
Date: August 20, 2001 In Progress
Sales Crew: The Real Deal Inc.
Company Info
In Progress
Clearinghouse: American community Services, Inc.
Company Info
In Progress
Criminal Complaint: Click Here In Progress
Criminal Conviction: In Progress In Progress
Victim: Eskalene DeBorde In Progress
Page Link: In Progress In Progress

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Rodger Eric Broadway
American Community Services, Inc.

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Victim's family calls for death penalty; 21-year-old suspect arrested

Police say murder victim struggles with attacker

Felon murder case goes to grand jury

Stabbing death promtps resolution

Tighter door-to-door sales law sought

Victims family files $20 million lawsuit against alleged killer's employer

Slay suspect backs out of plea bargain

Judge allows delay in capital murder trial

Killer gets life without parole

Insurance firm denies liability for murder by salesman

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Police capture man charged with murder of local woman


Residents warned not to let strangers inside their homes

Magazine company disavows connection to murder suspect

January 4, 2004
When Crime Knocks
By: Jim Balloch - KnoxNews
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January 4, 2004
Door-to-door sales firms often don't heed permit regulations
By: Jim Balloch - KnoxNews
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January 4, 2004
Lawmakers ready to try again on state legislation
By: Jim Balloch - KnoxNews
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"Death by a Salesman" - The Eskalene DeBorde Case
COURTTV Forensic Files

Using unique forensic techniques, experts examine the evidence left behind to solve the case of a quiet community disrupted by a mysterious murder. It's a race against time for law enforcement to catch the suspect before he crosses state lines.
March 3, 2004
Info On Story

On March 3, 2004
"Death by a Salesman"

Please consult your local listings for show times.

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