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The traveling door-to-door magazine sales industry is rife with fraud, exploitation and crime. Our organization has documented over 450 high profile felony cases and 101 deaths. The National Consumer League ranks traveling door-to-door magazine sales as one of the top 5 most dangerous jobs that a teen or young adult can have. The state of Wisconsin has passed and enacted a piece of legislation that regulates the traveling door-to-door sales industry in an effort to protect Wisconsin kids and homeowners from the all too real dangers of traveling magazine sales crews. By law in Wisconsin the magazine sales agents are employees of the company and not independent contractors (indentured servants). Wisconsin requires all sales agents to undergo a complete background check and requires the company to post a 10,000 dollar cash or secure bond before they are allowed to sell door-to-door. This legislation was made state law in response to the 11 deaths, murder, and rape that have taken place in Wisconsin.

Traveling door-to-door magazine agents prey on their victims fear and ignorance. A door-to-door salesman wants you to make an emotional decision. They will tell you they live down the street and are selling magazines for a local hospital charity or our troops in Afghanistan. These are bold faced lies and in the industry referred to as: 'Dirty Canvass' : lies told by the sales agents (spiel) to snow the Jones (you the consumer).
See: Mag Buzz Words

A knock at your door is a direct invasion of your privacy and is more distracting and invasive than a unsolicited call from a telemarketer. That knock at your door could also prove to be much more dangerous than you could possibly imagine. The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group has documented some of the most heinous rapes and murders directly connected to the magazine and cleaner sales companies and their so called ‘independent contractors’ (indentured servants).

This Could Happen To You Or A Loved One !!!

WHY do you have the DESIRE and the NEED
To Rape and Murder innocent kids and homeowners ???

Van Rollover Kills One
DMPG Posted 05/21/13
Magazine Sales Compamy: Fit For Life
Principal: Marsha Covey (Customer Service)
Mr. Jess Covey (Field Manager)
Mr. Joseph N. Covey (Owner)
Victim: Elizabeth L. York
In Loving Memory
Elizabeth York
07/07/83 - 10/24/2012
Van Driver: Dustin J. McCaulley
License Status: invalid-suspended.
New Mexico State Police Case Number: 12-225122
Date of Accident/Death: 10/24/12
Location: Interstate 25 Milepost 372
County: Mora, New Mexico
Vehicle: 1999 Ford Van
Colorado License Plate: 390188h

* SEE PDF Accident Report: img-218145905-0001.pdf *

FUGITIVE OF JUSTICE - Posted May 19, 2013
Kevin Eugene Davis
Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Company:
Lrumar Publications
aka: Lucretius Phocylides LLC
Colorado Court Case : 11CR4093
Colorodo Springs Sheriff office police report: 11-24548
Date of Crime: 08/03/11
Felomy Charge: Possession of marijuana concentrate. 0ver 3oz.
Colorado Springs Sheriffs Office: (719) 520-7111
El Paso County, Colorado DA office: 719-520--6000
Kevin Eugene Davis

Kevin Eugene Davis

DMPG Info Clip Posted 05/10/13:

May 9, 2013
California Law Firm Wins A Historic Victory Over The Traveling Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Clearinghouses.
12 man jury returns a unanimous decision:
Magazine Sales Agents Are NOT Independent Contractors They Are Employees of the Magazine Clearinghouse !!!

Hi Phil: I am thrilled to report that in the case of Gary Roberts and Nat Tonihka versus Atlantic Circulation our jury returned a unanimous verdict in our favor today finding that, under California law, the clearinghouse, ACI, was the employer of our clients at the time they were grievously injured in a van rollover in 2009 while selling magazines. This is the first verdict ever in the history of the industry finding a clearinghouse to be an employer of the solicitors. You were a significant help in achieving this result. Thanks and congratulations. A jury will find the truth when the truth is before them. We showed them. Atlantic Circulation got all the benefits of exploiting the boys. Now Atlantic Circulation will face the burdens of that relationship. Thanks.

Thom Peters
Kiesel + Larson LLP
8648 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211-2910

See Traveling Door-to-Door Sales Flow Chart:

Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hendersonville robbery suspect poses as magazine salesman
March 15, 2013
Hendersonville robbery suspect poses as magazine salesman
Posted: Mar 15, 2013 10:48 AM CDT Updated: Mar 15, 2013 11:00 AM CDT
Posted by Scott Sutton

Brandon Brown

Hendersonville police are searching for a man they believe stole $3,300 while posing as a magazine and book salesman. On March 7, police said Brandon Marquell Brown stole the cash from the victim's wallet while Brown was at a residence. Brown is wanted for theft of property more than $1,000. Anyone with information regarding this or other crime is encouraged to call Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at 615-573-5400.

Posted by Scott Sutton
Nashville, Tennessee
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South Pasadena, California
Burglary Suspect Allegedly Force Fondles Teen Boy
March 14, 2013
Burglary Suspect Allegedly Force Fondles Teen Boy
An unidentified man soliciting for magazines entered a Pasadena Avenue home and inappropriately touched a boy who lived there,
police said.
By Donna Evans
March 14, 2013
A man selling magazine subscriptions walked into a South Pasadena home and force fondled the teen who opened the door, according to the weekly police crime report. Police say a 16-year-old boy who lives in the 300 block of Pasadena Avenue gave a donation to the unidentified man soliciting for magazines at 6 p.m. on March 6. Minutes later, the man returned and knocked on the door again. He asked the boy to buy another magazine, the crime report states. When the boy refused, the man walked into the home, grabbed the teen's hand and placed it over his genital area while he placed his hand on the same area of the boy's body. The teen was able to close the door on the suspect and the man left. The suspect was described as black, 5-feet 10 inches tall, about 200 pounds, between 20-30 years old, wearing plastic black-framed sunglasses, a black suit and a white dress shirt.
If you have any information regarding a suspicious magazine solicitor, please call the South Pasadena Police Department at 626.403.7270.

By Donna Evans
South Pasadena, California
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Chickasha Police Warn About Door-To-Door Magazine Solicitors
March 13, 2013
Chickasha Police Warn About Door-To-Door Magazine Solicitors
Posted: Mar 13, 2013 8:35 AM CDT Updated: Mar 13, 2013 8:37 AM CDT
By Deanne Stein, News 9

Mug shot of Vincent Mercanto.

CHICKASHA, Oklahoma -

Police are warning people about door to door magazine solicitors who may be tied to human trafficking and identity theft.

Chickasha police arrested Vincent Mercanto of Florida for soliciting without a license and altering a state ID card. Officers are warning residents to be wary of solicitors like Mercanto.

According to Chief of Police Eddie Adamson, these groups travel around the U.S. to recruit young people to solicit the sales of magazines. Typically, these groups are tied to human trafficking, identity thefts and scams. Many of these groups will recruit these young people and then take them across the country and drop them off at locations to sell magazines with the promise of extravagant vacations and large sums of money if their magazine sales reach a certain level, which never occurs.

"What these criminals do is simply take a kid somewhere far away from home, take their cell phone from them, tell them how gather personal information using the scam of magazine sales, and then drops them off in neighborhoods," said Chief Adamson. "After they get them away from home with no way of returning, they charge them for the inflated cost of a hotel room, food, and anything else, which results in them owing the company for more than they could ever earn and after they start owing the company so much money, the company works out a deal to help them work off the debt and that is where the girls are pushed into sex trafficking and other crimes come into play for the boys who have been recruited."

Chief Adamson added that once some people get involved in this crime business they become knowing accomplices and that is when they transition to preying on others and recruiting other young people.

Meanwhile, police say Mercanto has a lengthy criminal history in various states ranging from multiple charges for drugs to trespassing.

"We are warning everyone about this situation and the potential for these criminals to steal identities among other things," said Adamson. "We want anyone who has been approached with this type of solicitation to please call us as soon as possible with the description of the person who approached you so we can hopefully get any youth that have been unknowingly recruited into this scam back to their families and hopefully arrest those involved in recruiting them."

The Chickasha Police Department is asking anyone with information to call their dispatch center at 405-222-6050.

By Deanne Stein, News 9
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Florence County, South Carolina
More charges for men accused of door-to-door sales scam
March 12, 2013
More charges for men accused of door-to-door sales scam
by Taylor Williams
WPDE NewsChannel 15
Posted: 03.12.2013 at 4:50 PM

William Webb

Jason Teddy Carroll

Florence County Sheriff's Office investigators have filed additional charges against two men in connection with a door-to-door sales scam that occurred in February in the Lake City, Timmonsville and Florence areas.

William Leon Webb, 22, of Florence and Jason Teddy Carroll, 28, of Surfside Beach, were arrested on February 27 and charged with four counts of Entering a Dwelling Without Breaking and two counts of Grand Larceny. Investigators now say the men used the same ploy to steal jewelry at a home in Scranton on February 7.

Investigators say Webb and Carroll posed as vacuum cleaner salesmen or service representatives for a national vacuum cleaner chain and were allowed in the victims' homes under the pretense of having the vacuum cleaner serviced.

Once inside, one of the subjects would distract the victim while the other located and stole the victim's property.

Carroll remains at the Florence County Detention Center on $15,000 bond for both series of charges. Webb has been released on a $15,000 surety bond for the same charges.

Investigation into these incidents is continuing, and anyone with more information should to contact the Florence County Sheriff's Office immediately.

by Taylor Williams
WPDE NewsChannel 15
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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TULSA, Oklahoma
Tulsa Teen Says Magazine Salesmen Tried To Kidnap, Recruit Him
March 11, 2013
Tulsa Teen Says Magazine Salesmen Tried To Kidnap, Recruit Him
Posted: Mar 11, 2013 5:03 PM CDT
Updated: Mar 11, 2013 5:03 PM CDT
Lori Fullbright, News On 6

Zach Lossner said he was pretty scared when they drove right past his neighborhood,
and refused to stop, no matter how many times he asked.

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa teenager has a warning for all families after his bizarre experience Sunday afternoon.

Zach Lossner is 17 and a junior at Memorial High School.

He was walking home from his new job at Taco Bueno on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon when a couple of guys about his age offered him a ride. He accepted, never dreaming that for the next six hours, they would refuse to let him go.

Zach said he was pretty scared when they drove right past his neighborhood, and refused to stop, no matter how many times he asked.

He said they were trying to recruit him to work for them selling magazines door-to-door.

"He said that they actually were from Vegas, originally, with their company, and they're here—and they said that they travel from one side of the U.S. across it, and that you got to have points for how many magazines you sell," Zach said.

Zach told them he had a job, even showed them the paperwork where he had just been hired at Taco Bueno, and that he was in school, that his parents would be worried about him, but he said they just kept driving.

His frustration turned to fear when he heard the driver on the phone threatening one of his sales people.

"He's sitting there threatening people he works with to kill them, and I'm just a stranger that he's offering a job. So, I didn't want to—that's the point where I quit arguing with him about stopping and I just was quiet," Zach said.

Six hours later, he said they stopped for gas at a Quik Trip, which was not far from his home, so, as soon as the men got out, he made a run for it. He said he hid a few blocks from home for about ten minutes, because he knew they knew where he lives.

He said it took him awhile to tell his family what had happened. When he did tell them, his parents could quickly tell he wasn't just making up a story to cover for being late.

"He was scared. I could tell he was scared. He was pale, looking down at the ground and shaky," his mother, Claire Lossner said.

They filed a police report and the officer told them this is what these door-to-door crews do. Articles have been written about them, and there's even a rescue group to help these kids escape. They recruit young people, promise them big money, but hold their money for months. They often work the kids 14-hour days and force them to stay several people to a room in cheap motels.

Zach and his mom wanted to warn others.

"Part of me is mad, but part of me is extremely is happy that I'm able to laugh about it today, because I'm okay. But then again, I'm mad about it. Who would just randomly kidnap someone to try and get them to work for you? It just doesn't make sense," Zach said.

Police say there may not be a lot they can do about it, since Zach got in the van willingly and they didn't physically hurt him.

But they do warn people to be leery of these groups when they come knocking on your door.

Many of them have criminal records and aren't on the up-and-up.

Lori Fullbright, News On 6
TULSA, Oklahoma
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WANTED: Magazine Salesman: Sexual Assault - 02/08/13

May 22, 2012
Helena, Montana
Traveling door-to-door magazine saleman mastrabates in front of female homeowner
while selling magazine subscriptions for the Magazine Publishers of America
end DMPG Info

Police seek exposing magazine salesman
Independent Record | Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 5:05 pm
Police are looking for a man who reportedly entered a woman’s residence while pretending to be selling magazines Monday afternoon and then indulged in lewd acts in front of the homeowner. Officers responded to the home on the 900 block of Tara Court after receiving a call from the woman at about 2:40 p.m., according to Lt. Steve Hagen. The woman told police a muscular man with dark hair and brown eyes had come into her house and then proceeded to expose himself and masturbate. She was expecting company at the time so told the man to enter, thinking it was her acquaintance, Hagen said. The suspect is about 5-foot-8, muscular and believed to be either Hispanic or Native American. He was wearing jeans and a blue or green sweatshirt. The woman could not get to her phone while the suspect was in her house and called immediately after he left. Anyone with potential information on the suspect is urged to call police at 442-3233. “Don’t confront him. Don’t let him into your residence,”Hagen said, adding it is good practice to not let anyone selling magazines or other items into your home.
Posted in Local on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 5:05 pm
By ANGELA BRANDT Independent Record Helena, Montana Read This Story

May 9, 2012
Peddler who assaulted woman found selling magazines again

A door-to-door magazine salesman from Georgia who pled guilty to the attempted sexual battery of an 18-year-old Hendersonville woman in April was found in California selling magazines again after he failed to register as a sex offender. “My concern was finding him and getting him registered, due to the fact that not only was he a sex offender but the fact that (he was back to) the line of work that he was doing – he was a door-to-door magazine salesman, knocking on people’s doors,” said Lisa House who manages the sex offender registry in Sumner County. “We don’t need someone out there who’s not registered. We need to at least get him registered so that we have him on our radar. He had no intentions of registering, and he didn’t register out in California. “ Nicholas Daniel Dalrymple, 26, of Gainesville, Ga., was arrested March 19 and charged with one count of sexual battery of a potential client, a woman living on Sunset Place in Hendersonville. According to the arrest affidavit, Dalrymple knocked on her door, offering magazine subscriptions. She let him in and then, according to the arrest affidavit, he kissed her and sexually fondled her. She told police, the affidavit read, she asked him to leave and he did. Dalrymple pled guilty to a lesser charge and was released on April 11. “He pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery, and he was released on time served,” said Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley. “He had been in jail since March 19. He does have to register as a sex offender, and he can have no contact with the victim.”
Registry requirement
Upon his release, House said that she stressed to Dalrymple that he had to register with her. “I said, ‘You know you need to get registered. That’s it, you got to get registered. It’s part of your plea agreement,’” she remembers telling him. “He said, ‘I’ll meet with you. I’ll come in.’ We played a little phone tag, back and forth. I finally got in touch with his mother. His mother was very helpful and she said, ‘He’s called me a couple of times, and he’s told me he’s in California. I don’t know if that’s true or not.’” House said she contacted the U.S. Marshal’s Service who did discover he was in California. “He had a cell phone; working with the U.S. Marshall’s office we were able to track the phone, and he was located in Roseville, Calif. in Sacramento County,” she said. “They tracked him down to a motel that he was staying in with a girlfriend. ... He wasn’t at the motel.” The U.S. Marshal’s Service then spoke to Dalrymple’s new employer to find out where he was. Dalrymple was taken into custody April 30. He faces jail time when he is brought back to Sumner County: 11 months, 29 days for failing to register and violating his probation. “Once he gets back here, warrants will be served on him,” she said. “He’s got the warrant for (failing to register with) the sex offender registry. He also has a violation of probation where he did not report to his probation officer.” House said that Dalrymple lied several times about where he was staying – first saying he would be staying with an aunt in Gallatin (his mother later confirmed Dalrymple has no family in middle Tennessee) and then saying he was living on the streets in Nashville.
Federal charges
House said she did not deal with Dalrymple’s latest magazine subscription employer in California. Danny Shelton, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshal’s Service in Nashville, said he did not know the name of the company. House did speak with D&D Innovations, the North Carolina company Dalrymple was working for while in Hendersonville. “They were very helpful,” she said. “They were very disturbed at the incident that happened here. (And said) that he was just a subcontractor for them and he did not work directly for them.” Regarding Dalrymple’s failure to register and leaving state lines, House has asked the U.S. Marshal’s Service to look into pressing federal charges to send a message to sex offenders to take the registry requirement seriously. “Hopefully, the U.S. Marshal will take this case federally and he’ll do federal time out of it,” she said. Dalrymple could have moved to California, if he would have followed protocol. “He can live anywhere as long as he registers here in the state of Tennessee, and then we can move him to wherever he wants to go,” she said. “That’s the problem. He doesn’t have a permanent address. He’s one of these that floats around.”
Reporter Alexander Quinones can be reached at 575-7114 or
The Tennessean
5:36 PM, May. 9, 2012
end article
Magazine Sales Company: D&D Innovations

March 23, 2012
Houston, Texas
Magazine Sales Crew Stabbin' its Way Through Dallas; Is Houston Next?
DMPG Info:
Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Company:
D&T Connections, aka: American Community Services
BBB: D & T Connection c/o American Community Services
This Business is not BBB Accredited
D & T Connection c/o American Community Services
(678) 571-0896
8557 Highway 20 W, Michigan City, IN 46360
BBB file opened: 06/27/2003
Contact Information
Tekeba Swift (Vice President)
Business Category
Magazines Sold Door-to-Door
Trade Group: National Field Selling Association: NFSA
See BBB: American Community Services, Inc.
See LeVan Ellis (President) American Community Services, Inc.
See Criminal Profiler: American Community Services
Google Search: American Community Services + magazine
Search American Community Services This Website
end DMPG Info

Magazine Sales Crew Stabbin' its Way Through Dallas; Is Houston Next?
By Craig Malisow Fri., Mar. 23 2012 at 8:58 AM
Houston Press
Categories: Crime

Courtesy Dallas County Sheriff's Office
Buy some magazines -- or else!

We just wanted to warn y'all of a magazine sales crew whose agents have allegedly stabbed and threatened residents of an upscale Dallas neighborhood, as these trolls tend to hit Houston whenever they're in Texas. A resident told WFAA in Dallas that a sales agent stabbed him in the face last week (he got 11 stitches) when he declined what surely must've been a very reasonable offer. That sales agent got away, but another was arrested in the same neighborhood on the same week. Tontanisha Reed, 27, was arrested after she told a would-be customer, "You better watch your back. I have friends and they will take care of you, I know where you live." Reed, who has a Tomball address, works for Georgia-based D&T Connection. She was charged with obstruction and retaliation. Like many other D&T agents, Reed has an impressive record: in 2008, she was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest when she allegedly threatened a would-be customer in DeWitt, New York. Ten years earlier, she received deferred adjudication in Houston for assault, but her probation was revoked a year later when she was charged with theft and filing a false report. In 2003, she was again convicted in Houston, this time for prostitution. (Frankly, her 2011 charge in Atlanta for possession of marijuana looks downright boring when compared to the rest). We left a message for D&T head Tekeba Swift-Carroll, who has a weird knack for hiring people you wouldn't necessarily want coming to your door. Criminal checks on current and past D&T sales agents turned up folks with charges and convictions of assault, kidnapping, theft, forgery, and cocaine possession, among others. D&T Connection's website states that the company was "established for the purpose of teaching people who are highly motivated, but lacking resources and direction to achieve their goals." In a word, it's bullshit. As we've reported time and again, this industry is a cesspool, and is a danger to both the agents and potential customers. For one thing, if D&T were serious, it would make sure its agents get peddling licenses whenever and wherever they're required; booking reports across the country show D&T agents arrested for peddling without a license. How can D&T pledge to want to want to teach young people "valuable life skills," per the website, when it sets them up for arrest? Read This Story

February 8, 2012
Goleta, California

Mathew Brian Hensley a 21-year-old Arkansas man has been arrested as a suspect in residential burglaries
in Goleta after allegedly casing out homes by going door to door selling magazine subscriptions.
Hensley's bail was set at $200,000, and he is being charged with felony residential burglary.

January 28, 2012
London, Ontario

Victim's kin to fight killer's release
Donald Armstrong, who raped and murdered Linda Bright in 1978, is seeking parole.
Linda was selling magazines door-to-door when Donald Armstrong raped and murdered her.
The Rape and Murder of Linda Bright

January 19, 2012
Boone, North Carolina

Have Sex with me and do drugs or buy a magazine subscription:
Magazine salesman Jerad Michael Arnold.
Arnold refused to leave unless the woman either submitted to drug use and sexual activity or bought a magazine subscription. He was charged with one felony count of common law robbery and booked into the Watauga County Detention Center under a $20,000 secured bond. According to the Boone Police Report (Case #: 12-900) Jerad Michael Arnold was employed by: D&D Innovations Inc.

January 15, 2012
Gainesville, Florida

A magazine salesman was arrested Sunday and accused of stealing the wedding rings from an 81-year-old Gainesville woman who had let him into her house to use the restroom, police said. The suspect, Jack Ryan Patti, 20, of Belton, Mo., who said he was an employee with Midwest Circulation LLC, was charged with grand theft, a third-degree felony, as the wedding rings were valued at about $700. Patti was being held at the Alachua County jail in lieu of $5,000 bond. Gainsville police case # 02-12-001056.

December 31, 2011
Tampa, Florida

Security salesman charged in woman's rape
TAMPA - After a door-to-door salesman for a security alarm company was arrested and charged with raping a woman who opened her door to him Friday night, deputies say he made a chilling statement. Rashad Hales, 19, 4019 E. Grove St., told deputies his only regret was not killing the victim, said Larry McKinnon, spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

December 22, 2011
Escondido, California

A 21-year-old cleaning-product salesman selling "magic" orange cleaning solution pleaded not guilty to tying up and sexually assaulting two women at knife point last week inside their home in an unincorporated area of Escondido. Joshua Thomas Nitkin threatened them with a butcher knife and forced them to take off their clothes. He then grabbed the women's breasts, kissed them and forced them to touch his penis, telling them he would kill them if they didn't comply with his demands. Nitkin is being held on $1 million bail and faces 25 years in state prison if convicted. Nitkin, also faces charges of attempted robbery, burglary and forcible sexual battery. Nitkin was selling "magic" orange cleaning solution for Pro-Tek Chemical. Pro-Tek Chemical is a member of the NFSA. Escondido police Case # 11162967. San Diego County District Attorney Court Case #: CN300313.

December 14, 2011
Del Valle, Texas

Unsolved aggravated assault, attempted murder.
A teenage girl selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door is brutally attacked and left unconscious.
Currently the offender is at large and wanted by the police. Police believe the attack was sexual in nature and are now looking for the man responsible. They describe him as a thin, white male in his mid 30s. The man stands around 5'10" with blond hair. He was last seen wearing a burnt orange shirt and jeans in a dark blue jacket and baseball cap. If you have any information on this crime please contact Lieutenant Michael Eveleth (512-974-6638) with the Austin Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit. Case # 11-3471194. ~OR~ Contact the DMPG WebMaster

Issued December 14, 2011
View PDF Wanted Poster

November 10, 2011

Magazine salesman ordered to prison for '08 American Fork assault
Utah County Sheriff's Office
Door-to-door salesman Brian James Mask was sentenced
Thursday to prison for assaulting a 58-year-old woman
in American Fork to whom he was trying to sell a magazine.
He got into her house, dragged her into a bedroom and sexually
assaulted her, then punched her repeatedly, police said.
AMERICAN FORK — A door-to-door magazine salesman who pleaded guilty to beating and sexually assaulting a woman who let him in her home following a sales pitch has been ordered to prison. Brian Mask, 28, of Chicago, was sentenced to three years to life in prison for attempted murder, a first-degree felony, and one to 15 years for forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. Fourth District Judge James Taylor ordered the sentences to run concurrent with each other.He also ruled that Mask pay nearly $14,000 in restitution. The 58-year-old woman had opened her door on Aug. 25, 2008, to listen to Mask's sales pitch and then briefly allowed Mask inside to get her signature, police said. Mask then dragged the woman to a back bedroom in her American Fork home where he punched, choked and sexually abused her. The victim later underwent facial reconstruction because Mask broke bones in her face and severely dislocated her nose. The case was delayed following a number of inquiries into Mask's mental state. At one point, the man was deemed incompetent to stand trial, but nearly two years later it was determined that he had an "adequate understanding" of the proceedings, court records state. Mask pleaded guilty to both charges in September.
Published: Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 12:50 p.m. MST
— Emiley Morgan DNewsCrimeTeam
Deseret News

Vancouver, Washington
Rapist on the Run:
Frightening case where knife-wielding suspect posed as door-to-door salesman - then attacked
November 4, 2011
Suspect sketch - Wanted for rape in Vancouver

November 4, 2011
Vancouver police need help solving a disturbing rape case.
They say the man drawn up in this sketch pretended to be a door-to-door salesman before busting his way into a woman's home. It has a brazen attack – happening right in the middle of the afternoon on October, 25th. The victim lives near Stapleton Rd. and 4th Plain. Police say he knocked on her door, clutching a clipboard, and claiming to be selling magazines. But then, he pulled a knife, forced his way inside, and raped her. Here’s a description of the suspect: Black, Age: 30-35, Ht: 6’0”, Wt: 180 lbs, Wearing red jacket with hood, Gold hoop earring in right ear, Vertical scar on left side of neck. Even if you don't recognize this guy, here's how you can help: Police want to hear from anyone in Vancouver who's had a door-to-door magazine salesman come to their house in the past month - whether you bought something or not, they need to hear from you. If that’s you, or if you recognize the man in this sketch, call: CRIME STOPPERS: 1-800-222-TIPS
Seattle, Washington
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October 28, 2011
Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver police seek suspect in sexual assault by magazine salesman
Police are looking for a suspect in a sexual assault tied to a traveling magazine salesman in Vancouver. They said a man knocked on the door of the victim's home near Northeast Fourth Plain and Stapleton roads about 3 p.m. on Tuesday, saying he was selling magazines and holding a clipboard. He whipped out a dagger-style knife with a brown handle and 12-inch blade slightly curved at the tip and forced his way into the home.
If you have an information on this crime please contact the DMPG WebMaster

On September 27, 2011 Hakeem (Akeem) Z. Thomas a traveling door-to-door salesman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the June 2, 2011 rape of a Idaho Falls woman. Thomas was employed by International Sales selling ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner made bt Austin Diversified Products.
Read The Incident Report (PDF) Format: Case # 2011-06336

On September 23, 2011 Brian James Mask a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman entered guilty pleas to one count of attempted murder, a first-degree felony, and forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. The pleas come nearly three years after Mask was arrested August 25, 2008 for attacking an Orem, Utah woman while he was going door to door selling magazines.

On September 14, 2011 a teenage girl living in Bisbee, Arizona was sexually assaulted by a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman, Anyone with information that could help solve this case are asked to call the Bisbee Police at (520) 432-2261 or contact the DMPG WebMaster

On June 22, 2011 four young kids working for LTP Inc,  a traveling magazine sales crew were killed in a van rollover in Idaho.

On June 2, 2011 Idaho Falls police arrested a traveling door-to-door cleaner salesman after police said he raped a woman at her home. Hakeem (Akeem) Z. Thomas, 18, of Oakland, Calif., was booked into the Bonneville County Jail on rape charges.

March 29, 2011
VAN NUYS, California

GERALD VIDAL: Magazine Salesman Sentenced to Life Term for San Fernando Valley Assault
VAN NUYS – A magazine salesman convicted of sexually assaulting a San Fernando Valley woman after forcing his way into her home was sentenced today to 45 years and two months to life in state prison. Deputy District Attorney Jane Creighton said 25-year-old Gerald Vidal was sentenced by Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Barry Taylor, who presided over the trial that led to a jury in late February convicting the defendant of burglary, kidnapping and sexual assault. He was ordered to pay the victim restitution of $1,928. The victim spoke, but only to thank the prosecution and court for their handling of the case, Creighton added. Vidal was working with an out-of-state group of door-to-door magazine salespeople who were staying at a motel in Woodland Hills. Authorities said the defendant knocked on the door of the victim’s home in Woodland Hills on Dec. 17, 2009. She said she would buy a magazine subscription, but had to go to the bank to get money. She closed the door and a few minutes later, Vidal returned, forced his way inside, sexually assaulted the woman and ransacked the house, authorities said. He was tracked to the motel by police and arrested there. Vidal has been in custody on $4.5 million bail since he was arrested shortly after the assault.

February 8, 2011
Lockport, New York

Salesman gets 5-year term for stealing from customers
LOCKPORT—Burglar Ryan S. Stem, who was selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door and entering homes as opportunity allowed, was sentenced Monday to five years in state prison by Niagara County Judge Matthew J. Murphy III. Stem, 21, of Schenectady, was arrested June 4 in Niagara Falls after entering a home on West Rivershore Drive and stealing some prescription medications while the homeowner was mowing the lawn. He pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary. Police found some jewelry in his car, which had been stolen from a Grand Island home. Prosecutors in Erie County agreed to seek a sentence concurrent to the one Murphy imposed.
Published:February 8, 2011, 12:00 AM
Updated: February 8, 2011, 6:29 AM
The Buffalo News

January 19, 2011
Omaha, Nebraska

Jail term for sex assault of girl
At least he'll have access to plenty of magazines. A 44-year-old magazine salesman from Georgia was sentenced Tuesday to 2 to 4 years in prison for having sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl he met in Omaha. Ronald E. Kemp told Douglas County District Judge James Gleason he was “deceived” by the girl into believing she was 19. Prosecutors pointed out that Kemp, who traveled the country selling magazine subscriptions, met the girl as she was riding her bicycle near 108th and Emmet Streets. He called out to her from a bus stop. The two traded cell phone numbers and then made out near a former KFC restaurant. Under state law, ignorance of a minor's age is not a defense for sexual assault of a child. And it seems the girl wasn't the only one deceiving someone. Kemp admitted to police he told the girl that he was 28. Kemp's attorney, Assistant Public Defender Rob Marcuzzo, said Kemp plans to return to Atlanta after he serves his time. Wherever he ends up, he'll have a different sort of subscription to deal with: Kemp was ordered to register annually as a sex offender. Source:
By Todd Cooper
DMPG Info:
Omaha, Nebraska Police Case # Y40077
Magazine Sales Company: D&T Connections, aka: Go 4 More

On September 1, 2010 Ronald E. Kemp a traveling magazine sales agent sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl in Omaha, Nebraska.

On May 8, 2010 Patrick M. Schneider, a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman raped a Sycamore, Illinois woman. Schneider was convicted of criminal sexual assault. According to police reports Schneider was employed by Midwest Circulations LLC.

On April 20, 2010 Jarvis Lamon Spain employed by Paragon Sales Inc. aka: Midwest Clearing Inc. raped a Anne Arundel County, Maryland woman. Spain was originally charged with sodomy, second-degree assault, perverted practice and fourth-degree sex offense. He was convicted of two counts of second-degree assault and forth-degree sex offense.
Anne Arundel County Police Department Criminal Investigation Division

On January 15, 2010 Wesley Williams employed by Sunshine Subscription Agency aka: Palmetto Marketing, Inc. was arrested for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl in Bradenton, Florida. Williams also stole a book of checks and was charged with forgery. Westly Williams was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Manatee County Case #: 2010-CF552A. Manatee County Sheriff Case number: 2010-2636. See Wanted for further information on these crimes.

On February 13, 2009 Richard Craig McNew, a convicted felon from St. Louis selling magazine subscriptions for Overachiever is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for raping and killing a 90-year-old Lafayette woman in her home in 2005.
Vuori was bound and gagged in her Moraga Boulevard home, sexually assaulted and found smothered to death on Dec. 10, 2005. McNew, who worked for Overachievers, a Missouri magazine-subscription company, then took $18,000 in savings bonds and $200 in cash and Vuori's keys.
McNew, who originally faced the death penalty, pleaded guilty in December to murder and special circumstances that the murder was committed during the course of a robbery, burglary and rape. He also pleaded guilty to robbery and burglary counts. On December 10, 2005, Anna Vuori was found murdered in her home on the 3400 block of Moraga Boulevard in Lafayette.

(02-13) 12:05 PST MARTINEZ — A traveling magazine salesman from Missouri
Richard Craig McNew, 34, a convicted felon from St. Louis, will spend the rest of his life behind bars for murdering Anna Elizabeth Vuori, Judge Mary Ann O'Malley of Contra Costa County Superior Court said at a hearing in Martinez.
Salesman sentenced to life in rape and killing of 90-year-old woman
Original URL:
Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
February 14, 2009

On March 30, 2009 a 78 year old woman in Texas is raped and set on fire by Daniel Deshawn Neal a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman working for a Washington, D.C.-based company called U.D. Management. UD Management is an active member of the National Field Selling Association:

A 24-year-old traveling magazine salesman from Pennsylvania is facing seven to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Robert J. Hines admitted he was one of two men who stomped Daniel Willis, 40, to death Dec. 6 2009.

The list of crimes goes on and on and on.

Traveling Door-to-Door Sales Chronology of Events:
May 2, 2011 - January 1, 2007
July 2005 - December 2006
1982 – July 2005

The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group ‘Wanted Page’ currently contains 3 unsolved murders, 2 unsolved attempted murder/attempted rape, and 4 unsolved rape cases, and 1 unsolved attempted rape, a direct testament to this fowl, immoral, and criminal industry.

For more information on traveling door-to-door sales Google: ‘sales crews’

Dedicated Memorial Parents Group Staff
August 21, 2011
Update: September 26, 2011
Update: June 5, 2012

The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a non-profit watchdog activist organization that tracks and documents the criminal activities of the traveling door-to-door sales industry specific to the sale of magazine subscriptions, household cleaner products, and educational materials.

We help parents of missing children find their kids and help teens and young adults that have been exploited and/or abandoned.

Our organization works with the media and with both state and federal legislators. Currently we are working with federal legislators to enact a national version of the SB-4 legislation that became law in Wisconsin on March 26, 2009.

Over the past 12 years we have been very instrumental in connecting victims and victims families to various law firms across the country that are experts in winning civil lawsuits against companies and offenders that have committed serious crimes.

Because of our efforts we have been directly responsible for millions of dollars that have been awarded to victims of vicious crimes directly connected to the sale of magazine subscriptions and household cleaner products.

If you have been a victim of a felony crime and seek justice we would be more than happy to assist you. There is absolutely no charge for our work regarding your case. We will do everything we can to find you legal representation and charge nothing for our research.

The traveling door-to-door sales industry is rife with crime. Since our organization began recording these crimes we have documented over 350 felony cases and 95 deaths. Currently on our wanted page we have 3 unsolved murders and 4 unsolved rape cases.

We have been expert witnesses in several civil lawsuits and work with state and federal law enforcement at all levels and have aided law enforcement in the capture of several criminals that have committed vicious crimes against homeowners.

For information on how to file a civil lawsuit against a specific door-to-door sales company or if you need help please contact the WebMaster.

Dedicated Memorial Parents Group Staff
Posted: October 1, 2011
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Current Death Toll - In Loving Memory of Our Loved Ones Who Have Paid The Ultimate Price

November 10, 2011
Magazine salesman ordered to prison for '08 American Fork assault
Published: Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 12:50 p.m. MST
— Emiley Morgan DNewsCrimeTeam
Deseret News
Utah County Sheriff's Office
Door-to-door salesman Brian James Mask was sentenced
Thursday to prison for assaulting a 58-year-old woman
in American Fork to whom he was trying to sell a magazine.
He got into her house, dragged her into a bedroom and sexually
assaulted her, then punched her repeatedly, police said.

AMERICAN FORK — A door-to-door magazine salesman who pleaded guilty to beating and sexually assaulting a woman who let him in her home following a sales pitch has been ordered to prison. Brian Mask, 28, of Chicago, was sentenced to three years to life in prison for attempted murder, a first-degree felony, and one to 15 years for forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. Fourth District Judge James Taylor ordered the sentences to run concurrent with each other.He also ruled that Mask pay nearly $14,000 in restitution. The 58-year-old woman had opened her door on Aug. 25, 2008, to listen to Mask's sales pitch and then briefly allowed Mask inside to get her signature, police said. Mask then dragged the woman to a back bedroom in her American Fork home where he punched, choked and sexually abused her. The victim later underwent facial reconstruction because Mask broke bones in her face and severely dislocated her nose. The case was delayed following a number of inquiries into Mask's mental state. At one point, the man was deemed incompetent to stand trial, but nearly two years later it was determined that he had an "adequate understanding" of the proceedings, court records state. Mask pleaded guilty to both charges in September.

DMPG Info Clip Posted 11/15/11
Brian Mask:

Brian Mask Criminal Complaint - PDF File
Brian Mask Criminal Sentence - PDF File

Information provided by:
Utah County Attroney
In The Fourth Judicial District court
Utah county, State Of Utah

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Vancouver, Washington Unsolved Rape Case - October 2011

May 19, 2011
Medford, Oregon
Magazine salesman arrested on sexual abuse, harassment charges

Chris Conrad
Mail Tribune
Police have arrested a magazine salesman suspected of groping a Central Point woman. Jackson County sheriff's deputies have charged Steven B. Morgan, 25, of Detroit, Mich., with third-degree sexual abuse and harassment. He was lodged in the Jackson County Jail on $15,000 bail. Morgan was arrested in Medford this afternoon. The sheriff's office received several tips in this case. According to a news release, Morgan came to the woman's home at 4 p.m. Tuesday selling magazines. The woman, 20, stepped outside to talk with the man. She turned to walk back inside after he made several sexually suggestive comments, and he followed her. Inside, he tried to kiss the woman and groped her. He was scared off by the woman's grandmother a few seconds after the assault and ran out of the house.
— Chris Conrad
Chris Conrad
Mail Tribune
Medford, Oregon
Original URL:

DMPG Info Clip Posted 05/21/11:

Jackson County Sheriff Department
787 West 8th Street
Medford, OR 97501-2903
(541) 774-6800
Case #:11-8662
Police reports indicate that Steven Morgan was employed by:
Discovering Unlimited Possibilities
aka: Urban Nation
Google Search: "Urban Nation" + magazine

Jackson County Jail
787 West Eighth Street
Medford, Oregon 97501
Phone: (541)774-6850
Jackson County Jail: Inmate: STEVE BRENT MORGAN

Steve Brent Morgan.

BBB Business Review Reliability Report for Urban Nation:
BBB Report for Urban Nation
BBB Rating: F
Business Contact & Profile
Business Name: Urban Nation
Business Address: 904 West Montgomery Ste 4-326
Willis, TX 77378
Principal: Lawrence Engerman, President
Phone Number: (936) 890-8304
(800) 586-0134
Fax Number: (936) 856-4049
BBB Accreditation:
This business is not a BBB Accredited Business
Business Management
Mr. Lawrence Engerman , President
Melanie Wilson
Related Businesses
Freedom Sales

Magazine salesman gets 30 years for Ore. rape
April 16, 2011, 12:22 p.m. PDT
The Oregonian

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Calling him a "brutal sexual predator," a judge has sentenced a door-to-door magazine salesman to 30 years in prison for the 2005 rape of a woman who answered the door at her Portland home and was gagged, beaten, choked and assaulted. Judge Karin Immergut said Friday that the woman spoke little English, didn't know how to use 911 and was a vulnerable victim. The judge said 29-year-old David Samuel Washington was deliberately cruel, excessively violent and had a persistent involvement in crime. Defense lawyers criticized what they called a slow, faulty investigation. The Oregonian reports that within days of the attack, police had Washington's name along with those of 50 other salesmen staying at a Portland hotel. The paper says a DNA match wasn't made until 2009.
Portland, Oregon
DNA match leads to indictment of 28-year-old man in a 2005 Portland rape case
April 19, 2010 8:43PM
By Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

A 28-year-old man who was part of a group of roving door-to-door magazine sellers in Oregon five years ago has been tied through a DNA match to the 2005 rape of a Sellwood woman, investigators say. On Monday, David Samuel Washington pleaded not guilty in Multnomah County Circuit Court to a four-count indictment accusing him of first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary and attempted aggravated murder. Police say he appeared neatly groomed and sharply dressed in a black suit, crisp white shirt, pink-striped tie and polished black leather shoes when he came to the door of a Sellwood home about 5 p.m. on Oct. 20, 2005, apparently to sell magazine subscriptions. But instead of talking sales, police say, he forced his way inside and raped a woman. The attack occurred at a home in the 1600 block of Southeast Bidwell Street. At the time, police thought he left town shortly afterward, possibly heading south with a traveling sales crew, and shared a sketch of the suspect with several law enforcement agencies in Northern California, where similar crimes had occurred. Washington was taken into custody in Shelby County, Tenn., on Aug., 26, 2008, facing unrelated aggravated assault and domestic assault charges, according to Tennessee officials. His DNA profile was entered into a national database, and a so-called hit showing a match between his DNA profile and DNA evidence entered from the Portland 2005 sexual assault occurred April 16, 2009. Detectives went to Memphis to interview Washington, police said. A Multnomah County grand jury returned an indictment against him on April 28, 2009. Washington completed his sentence in Tennessee before waiving his right to contest extradition and returning to Oregon. The U.S. Marshals Service arrested him Friday at 1:30 p.m. and booked him into the Multnomah County Detention Center by 6 p.m. Washington is being held in lieu of $800,000 bail. A trial date has been tentatively set for June 1. Police suspect Washington was one of 80 door-to-door salespeople who blanketed Portland's streets for several weeks in the fall of 2005. They located a motel where they believed the traveling sales crews stayed and learned the crew had left Portland a few weeks after the rape, traveling south by van on Interstate 5 to California. The indictment notes that Washington was not a resident of Oregon in the years following the 2005 assault, allowing the felony charges of kidnapping and burglary to extend past the three-year statute of limitations, said prosecutor Don Rees.

A Revealing Look at Magazine Salesmen
Thursday, August 26 2010, 08:05 PM CDT

A national advocacy group is sounding a warning about a sexual battery in Clarksville. The suspect was selling magazines door to door. Critics of door to door magazine sales point to a long history of crimes, including rapes and murders. We spoke to the director of a Wisconsin based group who says these salesmen could put you in danger. Two women in Clarksville are still shaken by their encounter with a door to door salesman. "I trusted people and this is what I got," says one victim. 24 year old Clayton Williams Marth was selling magazines for Dream Team Subscriptions when police say he grabbed his victims’ hands and placed them on his genitals. "It's a vicious problem, and it's a national tragedy," says industry critic and advocate Phil Ellenbecker. Phil Ellenbecker has been studying traveling sales crews for the past decade. His passion is personal. His daughter Malinda was killed on the job when the van she was riding in crashed. "They operate under the covers, they are fly by night," says Ellenbecker. The sales crews travel around the country, often in a van with several people. Many fail to get a proper permit, which is also the case in Clarksville. Ellenbecker and his Dedicated Memorial Parents Group have a website documenting a long list of crimes, including murder, allegedly committed by door to door salesmen. Many of them were selling magazines just like Clayton Marth. "We've logged upwards in the vicinity of 350 high profile felony cases in the last ten years," says Ellenbecker. We contacted the local supervisor for Dream Team Subscriptions, and we asked him for his corporate office. He gave us a number that was disconnected. FOX 17 News has confirmed that Dream Team is a sales agent for Washington state based Pacific Coast Clearing Services. A manager there couldn’t speak with us until Monday. The victims in Clarksville say they’ve learned their lesson. "It was bad enough for me that I'm paranoid now. I won't trust anybody," says a victim. Phil Ellenbecker’s wants other Middle Tennesseans to beware the next time a magazine salesman knocks. "If they come to your door and you see a out of state tag on that van, you go to the phone and call police because you're in danger," says Ellenbecker. Tennessee has a terrible history of crimes being committed by magazine salesmen. In 2003 three crimes occurred. A 31 year old woman was raped in La Vergne. A six year old girl was fondled in Portland, and a grandmother in Knox County was raped and murdered. We should mention, none of those suspects worked for Dream Team Subscriptions.
John Dunn
WZTV FOX 17 News

Denver, Colorado
Jeremy and Alicia
Homeless Youth Labor Trafficking
DMPG Info:
Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Company:
Urban Development Solution
end DMPG Info
July 27, 2010

Jeremy and Alicia
I received a call today from Chris, an outreach worker at Denver’s homeless youth services Urban Peak . He said he had to pick up some kids left stranded by a “sales crew”. I never heard of such a thing so it didn’t “register” or make sense. When I arrived at their downtown facility I met Jeremy and Alicia. They were left stranded by an organization that exploits homeless youth for labor. These organizations promise great income and fun travel. To a kid in poverty being able to travel and make money is often too sexy to resist. Of course, this is just a labor trafficking scheme. The kids make very little money, are often abused, and when they want out they are left stranded back homeless, often worse than when they started. Jeremy and Alicia up until this morning were sleeping in a bus station. Alicia is 21 and pregnant. This could have been a horrible situation, but luckily they found Urban Peak. They received a hotel voucher for tonight and will get travel assistance tomorrow so they can take a bus back home.
Posted by invisiblepeople | Filed under face and voice of homelessness, road trip 2010
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Traveling salesman admits stomping Tucson man to death
July 23, 2010
Tucson, Arizona

A 24-year-old traveling magazine salesman from Pennsylvania is facing between seven and 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter Friday. Robert J. Hines admitted he was one of two men who stomped Daniel Willis, 40, to death on Dec. 6. Defense attorney Jill Thorpe said Hines, Willis and Harold Marquart, 57, were drinking heavily when a "play fight" between Willis and Marquart turned serious. Hines joined Marquart in stomping Willis about the face and head before getting scared and fleeing, Thorpe said. When he left, Willis was still alive, she said. Willis' body was found at a home in the 2300 block of East Eastland Street, near East 22nd Street and South Tucson Boulevard. Police officials said Willis was frequently homeless and had been allowed to stay in a small shack on the property where he was found dead. Pima County Superior Court Judge Richard Fields will sentence Hines Sept. 27. Marquart was released from the Arizona State Prison five days prior to the slaying after serving 4 1/2 years on an aggravated assault charge, according to prison records. Marquart, who is scheduled to be back in court Aug. 23, has also been offered a plea agreement.
Arizona Daily Star
Kim Smith Arizona Daily Star
Posted: Friday, July 23, 2010 11:00 am
DMPG Info:
Tucson Arizona Police Case Nummber: 0912060471
Court Case # CR20094707

April 22, 2010
Salesman charged with sex assault
Police: Chicago man going door-to-door asked to use Arnold woman's bathroom
The Capital
Annapolis, Maryland
Published 04/22/10

A Chicago man sexually assaulted a woman Tuesday afternoon while selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door in her Arnold neighborhood, county police said. Jarvis Lamon Spain, 21, is charged with sodomy, second-degree assault, perverted practice and fourth-degree sex offense in connection with the attack on the 29-year-old woman at her home on Norton Lane in the Foxmoor neighborhood. The Capital does not identify the victims of sexual assaults. Spain is being held at the Jennifer Road Detention Center in Parole on $250,000 bond following a bail review hearing Wednesday, according to electronic court records. If convicted of sodomy or second-degree assault, Spain faces up to 10 years in prison. The woman called police at about 2:40 p.m. and reported that a man selling subscriptions for an educational product had sexually assaulted her after she allowed him inside her home to use the bathroom, police said. She said the man showed her company credentials and an out-of-state identification card. Police said there were other people selling magazines door-to-door in the victim's neighborhood when Spain knocked on her door. Justin Mulcahy, a county police spokesman, said it appears the company, which has not been named, is legitimate. "This looks like it was a crime of opportunity," Mulcahy said. After the assault, Spain did not leave the neighborhood, police said. Lt. James Fredericks, another county police spokesman, said he continued to go door-to-door trying to sell magazine subscriptions. "That took a lot of nerve on his part," he said. Police located Spain in the neighborhood and immediately took him into custody. The woman identified him as the man who sexually assaulted her. He was questioned Tuesday night and booked into the Jennifer Road Detention Center yesterday morning. The victim was taken to Baltimore Washington Medical Center in Glen Burnie. A nurse at the hospital found that the woman had signs of trauma, court documents said. The woman was treated and released. Spain told police that all sexual contact with the woman was consensual. Fredericks called the attack "random" and stressed that it was "not consensual." There was no time where she consented to any act," he said. Anyone with additional information about this incident or suspect is requested to contact Detective David Wood of the county Police Department's Sex Offense Unit at 410-222-3466. Staff Writer Scott Daugherty contributed to this story.

DMPG Info:

Jarvis Lamon Spain
Maryland Anne Arundel County Police Case # 2010-714175
Maryland Department Of Public Safety & Correctional Services
Anne Arundel County Police Department Criminal Investigation Division
Jarvis Lamon Spain was employed by Paragon Sales aka: Midwest Clearing, Inc.
Spain was originally charged with sodomy, second-degree assault, perverted practice and fourth-degree sex offense.
He was convicted of two counts of second-degree assault and forth-degree sex offense.

Manatee County, Florida
Magazine Salesman, 23, Arrested
for Sexual Battery by Sodomy
of Teenage Girl, 13
Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Company:
Sunshine Subscription Agency
Magazine Clearinghouse:
Palmetto Marketing, Inc
February 20, 2010
Local/State News for week ending 2/20/2010
Magazine Salesman, 23, Arrested
for Sexual Battery by Sodomy
of Teenage Girl, 13
News Manatee
Mug shot -- Wesley Williams (1).jpg

Wesley Williams

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Wesley Williams, 23, of Greenbelt, Maryland. According to the arrest report, on Jan. 15, 2010, Williams was soliciting magazine subscriptions door-to-door in the unnamed victim's apartment complex in the 3900 block of 75th Street West, Bradenton. He knocked on the victim's door and the victim, a 13-year-old girl, answered. Williams and his associate attempted to interest the teenager in a subscription, which the victim declined. Williams then noticed that the victim had a computer in her living room near the front door and asked if he could come in and use her computer to check his MySpace account. The girl, who was home alone and who was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the aggressive approach by the two men, reluctantly allowed them in, the report said. Williams asked the girl if she was gay or"bi" or straight. She said she was straight. He asked her what kind of guy she was into and she said she was not into guys right now because she was concentrating on her school work. As the two men prepared to leave, Williams asked the other man to wait for him outside. Once inside alone with the girl, Williams ascertained she was home alone. He asked her what she wanted to do. She told him she didn't want to do anything and that her brother would be home soon, hoping that would make Williams leave. Williams then grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her in close to him and put his hand inside the front of her pants and underwear. He then forced her to turn around and face away from him. At that time he started to kiss and "finger" her. She told him to stop and let her go. The girl said he refused and forced her to bend over and pulled her pants down and inserted his penis in her anus. She then got mad, so he pulled it out. The two men then left. Williams was interviewed on Wednesday, Feb. 17th, by Det. Wischer at the Manatee County Jail, where he was being held on unrelated check theft and uttering charges. He was arrested and charged with Sexual Battery. As of Thursday afternoon, he remained in the Manatee County Jail with a bail bond.
News Manatee Archive Services
Bradenton, Florida
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Manatee County, Florida
Salesman arrested in sex assault
Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Company:
Sunshine Subscription Agency
Magazine Clearinghouse:
Palmetto Marketing, Inc
February 19, 2010
2/19 POLICE BRIEFS: Salesman arrested in sex assault
Beth Burger
Bradenton Herald
Published: Friday, Feb. 19, 2010
Updated: Friday, Feb. 19, 2010
MANATEE — A 23-year-old Maryland man was arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl when he was going door to door selling magazines, according to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports. Wesley Williams went to an apartment complex with another sales associate working for Sunshine Subscription Agency. When they knocked on the girl’s door, she declined to purchase a subscription. Williams then asked if he could come inside the residence and check his account on the girl’s computer. The girl told detectives she felt overwhelmed by the aggressive salesmen and allowed them inside her home, the report said. While Williams was on the computer, the other salesman took her outside on the porch and asked her about her sexual preferences, the report said. Williams did the same thing a few minutes later when the men switched places. Williams then went back inside the residence with the girl and sexually assaulted her when his business partner was waiting outside, according to the report. On Feb. 3, Williams was arrested in Manatee County on forgery charges stepping from the same incident in which the Williams stole a book of checks. They turned in four fraudulent checks to their boss. Williams confessed to the check charges but said the sexual encounter was consensual, according to the report. He remains in jail on a $270,000 bond.
— Beth Burger
Beth Burger
Bradenton Herald
Bradenton, Florida
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Dec 21, 2009
Woman beaten; Magazine salesman arrested
A magazine salesman was arrested for allegedly barging into a woman's home,
beating and attempting to rape her.

KABC-TV, Glendale, California Dec 21, 2009
Original URL:

October 29, 2009
Victim identified in Saratoga County skull case
Jennifer Hammond was last seen in the latter part of August 2003,
soliciting magazines in the Creek and Pines Trailer Park, Ballston Spa,
New York. The skull found in Saratoga County has been identified as Hammond.

photo from
GREENFIELD -- In the end, it all came down to the teeth. Authorities on Thursday said dental records - along with some trademark cavity work - led them to the conclusion that remains discovered in rural Saratoga County earlier this week belonged to Jennifer M. Hammond, a Colorado resident who went missing in the area six years ago. DNA tests that could confirm the woman's identity aren't likely to be produced for weeks, but police said there is a "high degree of confidence" that the remains, primarily skull fragments, are indeed Hammond's. "Initially, we didn't think there was sufficient evidence to do the dental comparison, but we were fortunate that there was, in fact, enough there," Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy said in announcing the identity at a press conference held at his office Thursday. Police said Hammond, originally from Littleton, Colo., was in the area during the summer of 2003 while working for the Atlantic Circulation company, which sells magazine subscriptions door-to-door. Hammond, then 18 years old, was last seen at the Creek & Pines Trailer Park in Ballston Spa in August 2003, when she failed to make a scheduled pick-up with her employer. A bus ticket she had purchased from Albany to Colorado was never claimed and her belongings were later found abandoned in an Albany hotel. A missing persons report was not filed until November 2003, police said, noting that Hammond had previously abandoned the company only to return later. No significant leads were ever developed, but Saratoga County Sheriff James Bowen said his department's investigation had remained ongoing, and that Hammond's parents had been contacted as recently as six months ago to see if she had turned up. Bowen said he felt some satisfaction in knowing Hammond's family would now have a better idea of what happened to her. "Everyone wants to know where their family members are, so if we can bring a little bit of closure, even if it's sad closure, we're satisfied," Bowen said. The identification has compelled police to renew their investigation, and to treat the case as a homicide. Police would not comment on possible motives, or if there were any local suspects being considered as part of a joint investigation by State Police and the Sheriff's Office. "It's way too early to speculate on that," State Police Maj. William Sprague said. Police also backed away from drawing any possible connections to other cases in the area, including that of Christiana White. White, of Milton, was found stabbed to death in the Daketown State Forest in Greenfield in March 2006. The site is just miles from the location, a wooded area off of Fox Hill Road in Greenfield, where Hammond's skeletal remains were located earlier this week by a hunter. Murphy did say, however, that the identification will bring more resources to bear on the case, and that efforts would now be ramped up. "Certainly, our search will broaden in scope," he said.
Posted in Local, Breaking on Thursday, October 29, 2009 2:20 pm Updated: 10:59 pm.
The Post Star
Posted: Thursday, October 29, 2009 2:20 pm

Daniel Deshawn Neal
On March 30, 2009 a 78 year old woman in Texas is raped and set on fire by Daniel Deshawn Neal
a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman working for a Washington, D.C.- based company called U.D. Management.
UD Management is an active member of the National Field Selling Association:

July 17, 2008
What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know About Door-to-Door Magazine Sales
That kid at your door with a magazine order form will tell you a story --
part sad, part hopeful. The truth will be infinitely worse than you can imagine.

What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know About Door-to-Door Magazine Sales
By Craig Malisow
Houston Press

March 6, 2008
Novato, California
Magazine seller jailed in Novato sex assault

A traveling magazine salesman was arrested Friday on suspicion of forcing his way into a Novato woman's home and sexually assaulting her this week, police said. Renard Amos, a 19-year-old Illinois resident, was booked into the Marin County Jail on suspicion of assault with intent to commit rape, burglary and false imprisonment. Bail was set at $50,000. The attack occurred at 3:30 p.m. Thursday on Center Road in Novato, where a salesman came to the door of a 21-year-old woman. When the woman opened her door slightly, the salesman pushed his way inside, restrained the victim and touched her over her clothing, police said. The resident and the attacker struggled until she screamed and he ran away. The woman suffered minor injuries in the assault. On Friday, sheriff's deputies in Lucas Valley contacted a group of traveling magazine sellers working for an out-of-state company, said Novato police Lt. Rich Hill. The group identified one of its salesmen as someone who fit the attacker's description and was working in Novato the previous day, Hill said. Police arrested Amos in Lucas Valley as he was soliciting magazine sales door-to-door. The victim in Novato described her attacker as black, in his early 20s and 5-feet-4-inches to 5-feet-9-inches tall. Amos is black, 19 years old and 5-feet-9-inches tall, according to the jail's booking log. Amos is expected to appear in court on Monday unless he posts bail over the weekend.
Gary Klien
Article Launched: 03/07/2008 09:40:29 PM PST
Marin Independent Journal
Novato, California
Orifinal URL:
Renard Amos was employed by Paragon Dynasty, aka: Midwest Clearing Inc.
Assault With Intent To Commit Rape During a Burgulary
Residential Burglary
False Imprisonment
Sexual Battery By Restraint
Assault By Means Likely To Cause Great Bodily Injury
Renard Amos Arrest Info

December 29, 2007
Claremont, California
Door-to-Door Magazine Salesman Rapes
22-year-old Claremont Woman

Rape Suspect Arrested
A door-to-door salesman was arrested for rape on Wednesday, December 19. The victim, a female who was home alone in the area of Towne Ave. and Scripps Dr., allowed the suspect to enter her home at about 4:20 pm. The suspect raped the victim and then fled on foot when a relative arrived home. The suspect was thought to be a door-to-door salesman and a check of the area by police located several persons in the area soliciting sales of magazines and other items for an out of state company. Prompted by contact with investigators, an employee of the solicitation company called Claremont Police at about 8:30 pm to report that a possible suspect, a fellow employee, was at a specific location in the area. Police contacted the suspect and he was positively identified by the relative. The suspect, identified as Corey Finley, a 21 year old male residing in Missouri, was arrested and booked for rape, sodomy and false imprisonment. He is being held at the Claremont Police Department jail in lieu of $2 million bail. Finley is due for arraignment in Pomona Court on Friday, December 21. The victim was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released. This incident serves as an important reminder that strangers should not be allowed into your home. This crime occurred almost exactly one year after a very similar incident in the same area of Claremont. In that case a 22 year old door-to-door salesman, Rondie Walz , was allowed into a home and raped a female who was also home alone. Walz was later apprehended and convicted of rape. Source:
Claremont Police Department
Claremont, California
DMPG INFO: Finley was selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door for Integrity Program.
Claremont Police News Release

March 23, 2007
Pomona, California
Peddler gets 18 years for rape
Door-to-door magazine sales was entry to victim's house

POMONA - A traveling magazine salesman was sentenced to the maximum of 18 years in prison Thursday for raping a Claremont woman inside her house. In handing down the term, the judge described Rondie Lamont Walz as a wannabe Casanova who tried to seduce and force himself upon women as he traveled door to door peddling subscriptions. Judge Charles Horan said he wanted Walz behind bars as long as possible because the Washington state man is a danger to women and a likely candidate to re-offend. "He's got a mindset that he's God's gift to females, and he can do what he wants, when he wants," the Pomona Superior Court judge said. Horan's words prompted a frustrated retort from Walz, who said he considers himself nothing more than a hard-working, average Joe. Walz, 22, said he has a pregnant fiancee at home, and never ran into any other problems in more than a year of selling magazines door to door. "I'm not a predator," he told the judge. "I'm not a psycho." Walz raped the 20-year-old Claremont woman Dec. 2 after he knocked on the door of her Wheaton Avenue house to sell her a subscription. When she let him inside to write on a countertop he told her she was beautiful and he tried to kiss her on the neck. When she rebuffed him, he dragged her into her living room and sexually assaulted her. Walz claimed during his trial in Pomona Superior Court that the woman consented to the encounter. However, two other women testified Walz also tried to force himself on them around the same time as the rape. One, from San Pedro, claimed Walz followed her inside her house and tried to kiss and grope her before she raised a fuss and scared him away. The second, from Banning, said Walz tried to force his way into her home until she shouted for her husband. The rape victim, wearing a pink and gray striped shirt and her hair in a ponytail, came to court Thursday to see Walz begin his journey to prison. The woman, with both parents by her side, spoke briefly during the hearing, telling the judge of how the rape changed her outlook on life. She used to be trusting, but is now suspicious, even of her friends, she said. She no longer answers knocks on her door and is uncomfortable around anyone she doesn't know. "Everywhere I go I think every guy looks like him," she said. "This incident turned me into something I am not." Walz faced life in prison as originally charged. However, the charges and enhancements that carried the life terms were eliminated by the judge and jury during Walz's trial, which ended Tuesday. Walz must serve more than 15 years in prison before he is eligible for parole. He also must register as a sex offender upon his release from prison. Before adjourning the hearing Thursday, Horan briefly addressed the victim. He encouraged her to stay strong and live a normal life, despite the ordeal she has endured. "With time, everything gets better," he said. "Even this." Source:
Rod Leveque
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Article Launched: 03/23/2007 12:00:00 AM PDT
POMONA California
Waltz was selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door for Pacific Coast Clearing Services.
Display Info On Rondie Lamont Walz

March 14, 2007
Durham, North Carolina
Branden Marquis Crosby
Original Charges:
Second-degree rape, second-degree sexual offense, first-degree kidnapping and sexual battery
Conviction: False Imprisonment
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date of Crime: 03/14/07
Magazine Sales Company: Omni Horizons Inc.
Magazine Sales Clearinghouse: American Community Services
American Community Services Owner: LeVan Ellis
American Community Services Active Member of the National Field Selling Association (NFSA)
Data Source: Durham North Carolina Police Department Case Number: 07-8160
Branden Marquis Crosby was selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door for American Community Services.
Display Info On Branden Marquis Crosby

For Youths, A Grim Tour on Magazine Crews
For Youths, A Grim Tour on Magazine Crews
Febuary 21, 2007
New York Times
Life on a Magazine Crew
Life on a Magazine Crew

On November 26, 2006 Tracy Onawa Jones age 19 a traveling magazine saleswoman,
working for Atlantic Circulations, Inc. was found beaten and stabbed to death in Memphis Tennessee.

Unsolved Murder: Tracie Onaya Jones
December 13, 2006
Body found in Memphis was woman lost in NLR
An Oregon woman reported missing last month in North Little Rock has been identified
as the person whose body was found in a wooded area in southwest Memphis on Nov. 26, police said.
Tracie Onaya Jones, 19, whose last known address was in Albany, Ore., was reported missing Nov. 17.
She had last been seen two days earlier at the Pilot Truck Stop at 3300 Valentine Road in North Little Rock.
Jones was in central Arkansas selling magazine subscriptions, police said. On Nov. 26, Memphis police were
called to investigate a body found in a wooded area near Westview Road and Third Street.
Little Rock, Arkansas
DMPG Info: Jones was selling subscriptions for Epic Subscriptions, aka: Atlantic Circulation Inc.

Subscription for disaster
PART I: Door-to-door magazine sales crews ensnare young, vulnerable
August 8, 2006
The Portland Tribune - Portland Oregon
Door-to-door magazine sales crews ensnare young, vulnerable
By Todd Murphy
The Portland Tribune

Who's there ? A troubling case raises questions about solicitors
July 7, 2005
Who's there ?
A troubling case raises questions about solicitors

By KEN WOOD - Sun Newspapers
Data Source:
Menlo Park California Police - Case Number: 040121071
Twinsberg Ohio Police Department - Case Number: 0414626
Derrick Todd Jones two time convicted sexual offender selling magazines door to door.
Magazine sales crews/clearinghouse:
Unified Stars, aka: Go Doers, aka: American Community Services, Inc.

July 1, 2005
Traveling Door-to-Door Magazine Salesman Brandon Lee Green
Employed by: Gemini Subscriptions, Inc. aka: Sunshine Subscription Agency, Inc. aka: Palmetto Marketing, Inc.
Brutally beats and rapes a 50 year-old Menomonie, Wisconsin woman.

Read the criminal complaint
Read the civil lawsuit

May 3, 2005
Traveling Door-to-Door Magazine Salesman Edward M. Irving
Employed by: Rainbow Sales, aka: American Community Services, Inc.
attacks an 84-Year-old Centennial, Colorado woman in her home.
Irving is charged with Attempted Murder, Burglary Assault.

Edward M. Irving Criminal Profile

Edward M. Irving

Magazine seller attacks 84-Year-old woman
written by: Chris Vanderveen
9NEWS Reporter
Denver, Colorado
Created: 5/6/2005 4:14 PM MDT - Updated: 5/6/2005 10:27 PM MDT
Original URL:

CENTENNIAL - An 84-year-old Centennial woman may have escaped further injury by an attacker by playing dead. It happened on Tuesday near Arapahoe and I-25. Investigators say a 23-year-old man came to her door, trying to sell magazine subscriptions. When she said no he entered her home, and started choking her. Edward Irving is currently in custody for among other things, suspicion of attempted murder. Investigators say it's likely the only reason why her attacker left is that he may have thought she was dead. The victim fell to the ground and pretended to be unconscious. The victim returned from the hospital on Thursday. She suffered serious injuries to her head and neck. 9News has learned Edward Irving was working for a company that hires people to go door-to-door. He had recently come to Colorado from St. Louis. Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson says Irving's rap sheet includes drugs, burglary and assault. He says nothing was taken from the woman's home. Sheriff Robinson recommends taking simple precautions when answering the door, particularly if you are alone. One tip -- act like you are having a conversation with someone in your house. That way, the person at the door thinks you are not alone.

June 9, 2004
Azriel Rashad Bridge a traveling magazine salesman working for American Community Services
murders 77-year-old Shirley Reuter in her Dover Township home.

Door-to-door violence
Dover Twp. slaying not first tied to sales company
Sunday, June 13, 2004
Star-Ledger Staff

The 18-year-old man charged with slaying an elderly Ocean County woman Wednesday is a salesman for an Indiana-based company that has had three other employees accused or convicted of violent crimes since 2001. Azriel Rashad Bridge, of Chicago, works for a subsidiary of American Community Services, which dispatches salespeople across the country to sell magazine subscriptions door-to-door. Bridge, who was charged Friday in the stabbing death of 77-year-old Shirley Reuter in her Dover Township home, is being held at the Ocean County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail, authorities said. He was charged with murder, felony murder and robbery after being arrested Friday at the Wyndham Hotel, an upscale 10-story hotel across from Newark Liberty International Airport on Routes 1&9 south in Elizabeth. Bridge becomes the latest employee of American Community Services or one of its affiliated companies to be charged with a violent crime. On Aug. 20, 2001, another salesman for the company raped, beat and smothered 66-year-old Eskalene DeBorde in her home in Tennessee. Rodger Eric Broadway, 23, of New York City, pleaded guilty to the crime. Two other salespeople also were accused of assaulting and raping women in separate incidents in Tennessee within the past year, according to the Knoxville News- Sentinel. In addition to the recent incidents, Bernice Clark, 76, was stabbed to death in her home in Woburn, Mass., in 1990. Darrin Whitman, an employee of American Community Services, was found guilty of her murder in 1991. Whitman had sold a magazine subscription to Clark earlier in the day and had a criminal history that included prison time for rape, according to the Boston Globe. A call to the president of American Community Services was not returned yesterday and the name of the affiliated company could not be verified. In Dover Township, police said Bridge asked the victim if he could use the bathroom in her Chestnut Street home Wednesday afternoon. Sometime after she let him in, Ocean County Prosecutor Thomas Kelaher said, he ransacked her house, stabbed and beat her in the head and neck. The Ocean County Medical Examiner's office on Friday ruled the death a homicide. Dover Police Chief Michael Mastronardy said Bridge assaulted Reuter using items found in the house, but he would not describe them. Authorities, without mentioning specifics, also said Bridge stole items from the house. Although he was not arrested until Friday, Bridge was stopped by police Wednesday evening, Dover Township Lt. Steve Henry said. He was one of 11 magazine subscription salesmen walking through the neighborhood and knocking on doors, authorities said. Because all solicitors must get a permit from town hall in order to go door-to-door, the group immediately aroused suspicion and neighbors called police to complain. Officer Ryan Rush stopped Bridge walking through the neighborhood Wednesday evening and took his identification information, Henry said. The group was based in Michigan City, Ind., Kelaher said, and traveled in a van that was spotted in at least two other neighboring townships, Kelaher said. Police filed no charges against the other workers. Mastronardy described them as mostly "young males." Yesterday, Dover Township neighbors recalled Reuter as a caring neighbor. Janet Hansell, 58, put her arms around her two granddaughters yesterday as she looked across the street at Reuter's home, now a police scene with yellow tape and several Ocean County sheriff's vans parked outside. "She baked cookies for my grandchildren. She used to bake apple pies," Hansell said, describing a woman who said hello to all neighbors, donated food to the needy, and always was eager for a friendly conversation with any of Hansell's nine grandchildren. Reuter also was an active member at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Dover Township. She would have been singing at the choir's annual concert scheduled for 4 p.m. today. "We all learned a good lesson from this," Hansell said. "Never open doors to strangers," said her 10-year-old granddaughter, Taylor Kaniuk.
Staff writer Katie Wang contributed to this story.

Azriel Rashad Bridge Grand Jury Indictment

April 28, 2004
Man charged with murder in magazine saleswoman's death
RAPID CITY -- A 41-year-old Rapid Valley man was charged early Tuesday
with murdering a 21-year-old woman who came to his home last week to sell magazines.
Neil Frame, 3030 Gypsey Road, faces first-degree murder charges in the death of Kristina Moore
of Lancaster, Calif. Moore disappeared Wednesday evening while working for a door-to-door
magazine crew in the Rapid Valley area where Frame lived.
Moore's body was found Friday morning in a field near Hermosa.
By Kevin Woster and Kara Christensen, Journal Staff Writers
Rapid City Journal; Rapid City, South Dakota

DMPG Info: Kristina Moore was employed by Pacific Coast Clearing Services

Additional Information On Kristina Moore's Murder:
Kristina Moore
Kristina Moore Found Dead

When Crime Knocks
January 4, 2004
By: Jim Balloch - KnoxNews
Read this story of how Rodger Eric Broadway a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman
employed by American Community Services rapes and murders Eskalene DeBorde, a 66-year-old grandmother.
Rodger Broadway rapes and murders Eskalene DeBorde

June 15, 2003
Shiprock, New Mexico
Deaths nothing new for sales crews

Fifteen people were crammed into the 1992 Chevrolet Suburban when it rolled over on a lonely stretch of U.S. Highway 666 about five milesnorth of Shiprock, N.M., just before noon last Sept. 20. Two teenage girls were killed. Brandy Korba, 19, of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., and Alicia Gerandt, 18, of Columbus, Ga., were ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. The Suburban had seats for eight and seatbelts for six. The New Mexico State Patrol’s accident report identified the passengers as employees of a magazine sales company, Atlantic Circulation Inc.,of Mountville, Penn. The employees were headed to Farmington after soliciting magazine subscriptions in Cortez. The Shiprock crash was not the first involving an Atlantic Circulation sales crew. Less than a year earlier, on Sept. 28, 2001, a 20-year-old man was killed and seven others injured near Minneapolis when the driver of their van apparently fell asleep and rear-ended a car at high speed before rolling over several times, ejecting some passengers. The magazine subscription sales industry has become one of the deadliest for young people nationwide. A Milwaukee man whose daughter was killedhas tallied 53 deaths associated with traveling magazine sales crews. Most of the deaths have been crew members, but a few were customers or others who encountered violent crew members or were hit by a crew vehicle.
Article Last Updated: Sunday, June 15, 2003 2:11am
By Lewis McCool
Herald Technology Editor
The Durango Herald
Deaths nothing new for sales crews

September 12, 2002
Lancaster, Ohio
Multiple offender Michael Roland Poissant employed by Palmetto Marketing Inc. rapes a 12-year-old Lancaster girl while selling magazines door-to-door.

Salesman allegedly rapes 12-year-old
Man was selling magazines door-to-door
LANCASTER -- A door-to-door magazine salesman faces charges surrounding the rape of a 12-year-old Lancaster girl last week. Michael Roland Poissant, 30, of Bristol, R.I., was arrested in Newark and remains in the Fairfield County jail, said Det. Kurt Humbert of the Lancaster Police Department. Poissant is charged with two counts of rape, and one count each of kidnapping, abduction and aggravated burglary. According to reports, Poissant was soliciting magazines on the west side of Lancaster Sept. 3 when he met the girl and asked her if she wanted to buy a subscription. She went into her house, and he allegedly followed her inside, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her for less than an hour. After he left, the girl contacted her father, who in turn called police. The girl remembered his first name as "Michael," and detectives searched the area until they found an individual who had purchased a magazine subscription and had a signed receipt, Humbert said. The receipt, signed by Poissant, showed that he worked for Palmetto Marketing Inc. of Coral Springs, Fla. Company officials confirmed that he was an employee, and detectives found that he was selling subscriptions in Newark on Sept. 4, Humbert said. With help from Newark police, they made the arrest and brought him back to Fairfield County, where he remains in jail on a $500,000 bond and $25,000 recognizance bond. "The reason for the high bond is because we found he has a criminal history record in four states," Humbert said. Poissant also had two outstanding warrants -- one from Colorado and one from Florida. He has no prior rape-related charges in his record, Humbert said. The girl was treated and released from Children's Hospital in Columbus. Reporter Kristin Gordon can be reached at Originally published Thursday, September 12, 2002 By KRISTIN GORDON
Gannett News Service
Original article URL:

January 23, 2002
Douglas County, Colorado
Magazine salesman convicted of assault

The second case of two magazine salesmen charged with sexually assaulting two Parker teen-age girls last April ended in a conviction Jan. 10 after the 12-member jury deliberated two and a half hours. Dwayne Taylor, 20, who said he's from Chicago, was found guilty of sexually assaulting a child younger than 15 years old and enticing a child, both felony charges. During the two-day trial, testimony revealed how Taylor and fellow salesman Maurice Rogers came to the door of a Clarke Farms house to sell magazines. Two girls, then 12 and 13, told the salesmen their parents were not at home and suggested they return when the homeowners came home. Court testimony said the two salesmen came back to the door, persuaded their way inside and asked for a drink of water. In videotaped interviews at Sungate Advocacy Center, where the girls were taken after the assaults, the girls separately told a counselor the same story. They said they did not "know what to do" and complied with the men out of fear. After the assaults, Taylor's victim ran after him to ask for his cellular phone number. Using the number, Parker police picked up the men a couple hours later. In custody since April 19, 2001, in lieu of $250,000 bond, a $1,000 bond was added when Taylor committed criminal mischief June 6, said Douglas County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tim Moore. Taylor reportedly was angry and wanted to see the sergeant on duty but was refused, Moore said. Taylor then flushed his clothes down his cell toilet, flooding the cell and damaging a smoke alarm. Detentions deputies shut off water in his cell, Moore said. Rogers accepted a guilty plea Oct. 17 to one count of sexual assault on a victim younger than 15. He was sentenced Dec. 18 to six years at the Colorado Department of Corrections and was given credit for the 244 days he spent at Douglas County Jail while being held in lieu of bond. Taylor is scheduled to be sentenced in Douglas County District Court at 1:30 p.m., March 4. By: Terri Moon Cronk January 23, 2002
Douglas County News-Press
Original URL:

April 19, 2001
Douglas County, Colorado
Two young Douglas County Colorado girls ages 12 and 13
are sexually assaulted by traveling magazine salesmen
Dwayne Taylor and Maurice Rogers.
Taylor and Rogers were employed by American Connunity Services

Two Clarke Farms teens sexually assaulted by magazine salesmen
Law-enforcement authorities and the district attorney's office say it's never too soon - or too late - for parents to remind their children about safety precautions related to strangers. And like Internet chat rooms, telephone recordings that identify family members or answering the door without seeing who is there can be just as dangerous. A reminder from authorities comes after two Clarke Farms girls, ages 12 and 13, allegedly were sexually assaulted by two magazine salesmen who came to the door of one of the girl's house about 4:30 p.m., April 19, said Parker Police Detective Mark Terreault. Dwayne Taylor, 19, was charged with sexual assault on a child and enticement of a child, said the district attorney's office. The second man, R.L. Maurice Rogers Jr., 22, was charged with sexual assault on a child, sexual assault and enticement of a child. His charges, more severe than Taylor's, mean Rogers faces a mandatory sentencing count if convicted. Both were taken to Douglas County Jail and each was booked on a $250,000 bond. Lt. Ron Combs, spokesman for Parker Police, said this is the first crime of its kind in Parker. Terreault said the men likely are part of a group of traveling magazine salesmen who drive across the nation in vans, going door to door to make sales. One of the men came to the door the house and asked if the "man or woman of the house" was home. Both girls had opened the door and said no, Terreault said. The men left but returned after the girls went outside. The men then allegedly talked with the girls. "They did nothing to the girls physically while outside, and there was no forced entry," Terreault said. The girls reportedly kept going in and out of the house. Eventually both men entered the house, where the assaults allegedly took place. One of the men asked to talk to one girl and began kissing and touching her "inappropriately," Parker police said. He reportedly led her to a bedroom, where the assault took place. The other girl and man came into the room, and because the event was not of the same degree, Terreault called it "sexual contact." When the mother of one of the girls came home and noticed "something was wrong with her daughter," she called Parker Police about 5:30 p.m., Terreault said. The men were arrested within an hour, Combs said. "This was random and they were not stalking [the girls]," Terreault said. He said the same thing can happen to anyone - child or adult - who answers a door without first looking who's outside. "Peepholes are great. You never have to open the door," Terreault said. Children and teen-agers usually don't have the experience of adults. Because of that, Terreault said, parents should remind their children continually about safety factors. "Remember the old standard, "Don't talk to strangers," he said.
By: Terri Moon Cronk May 02, 2001
Douglas County News-Press
Original URL:

June 05, 2000
Five Traveling Door To Door Magazine Salesmen
Brutally Beat Brett D. King To Death.

Allen County Indiana Coroner determines that Brett D. King died
as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.
Magazine sales: No fun in sun
Teens, young adults often trapped in web of drugs, death

Youthful salesman's long regret
Convicted of murder, he now wishes he had listened to his mother

The magazine salesmaen that beat Brett King to death were employed by:
New River Subscription Service
For detailed information on New River Subscription Service:

May 25, 2000
Matthew J. Maxson a traveling magazine salesman employed by Palmetto Marketing Inc.
murders 54 year old Diana Cooper in Fulton, New York.

Matthew J. Maxson Murder Proile
Salesman With Murder
By Dave Bullard/Fulton Daily News 05/30/2000
Salesman With Murder
Diana Cooper was killed by a traveling magazine salesman who used glass jars to kill her, police allege.
Matthew Maxson of Lockport, near Buffalo, was arrested Saturday at a hotel in Geddes.
He is scheduled to return to court tomorrow for a preliminary hearing.
Cooper was killed last Wednesday evening, and was discovered by her daughter
the following morning inside Cooper's apartment at 251 1/2 West Second Street.
Fulton Police spent more than two days examining evidence at the home.
According to documents filed for the arraignment, police believe Maxson used
broken shards of glass jars in Cooper's home to stab her in the head.
Cooper lived alone, but police found a blood-soaked man's shirt in another room.
Meantime, at the Holiday Inn on Farrell Road in Geddes, a co-worker of Maxson's noticed
that Maxson was wearing a woman's sweater. Later, Maxson offered to sell his sneakers to
the co-worker for $25. The sneakers had blood on them.
Neighbors told police that a magazine salesman had been in the area on Wednesday evening.
They arrested Maxson without difficulty at the hotel.
Maxson pleaded not guilty at his arraignment, and offered no confession in his statement to police.
Instead, he mentioned seeing a "psycho-looking guy" while traveling his route that day.

March 25, 1999
Seven Young Kids Killed And Five Maimed For Life

Janesville Van Rollover March 25, 1999
Janesville Van Rollover Memorial March 2011
Dedicated Memorial

Salesman, 21, charged in rape of 67-year-old
By Linda Stewart Ball Staff Writer of The Dallas Morning News
Published February 20, 1998

Plano police on Thursday charged a door-to-door magazine salesman with the aggravated
sexual assault of a 67-year-old woman in her southwest Plano home earlier this week.
The woman told police that about 4 p.m. Tuesday, a man attempting to sell her magazines
pushed his way into her home, threatened her with a kitchen knife and then raped her.
The woman, who was not identified by police, was taken to the Medical Center of Plano,
where a sexual assault exam was performed, police said.
Quinton Jackson, 21, of Houston was being held in the Plano City Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail
in connection with the rape, Plano police spokesman Carl Duke said. The woman picked Mr. Jackson,
who is employed by American Community Services of Michigan City, Ind.,
out of a police lineup, Officer Duke said. Soon after the attack, police spotted a magazine
solicitor in the woman's neighborhood who resembled the description she provided. But when
officers showed the woman his picture in a photo lineup, she said he was not the man who attacked her.
That man told officers of another man who worked for the same company and who had been working in
the area Tuesday. The second man was picked up for questioning Wednesday. Police showed the woman his
picture in a photo lineup; she said he resembled the man who assaulted her but that his face was too heavy,
a probable cause affidavit stated. He was arrested but released Thursday.
The Dallas Morning News does not identify sexual assault victims.
DMPG Info:
Quinton Jackson Criminal Conviction

December 9, 1997
On March 8, 1978 Donald Eric Armstrong raped and murdered 16 year-old Linda Bright
while she was selling magazine subscriptions.

Coming Out of the Shadows
Linda Bright's family will gather on December 24 - not to celebrate Christmas, but to learn the date of her killer's parole hearing under the faint hope clause. Donald Eric Armstrong is the ghost of Christmas Past, a dark spirit who conducts guided tours into the nightmare landscape of 1978. At least he does for the Bright family of London, Ontario - Bill and Margaret, and their three surviving children. This Christmas Eve he is set to call again. On December 24, the Brights will learn when they will have to face Armstrong in his hearing for early parole under the "faint hope" provisions of Section 745 of the Criminal Code. Clifford Olson's awful case may have come and gone, but the issue of giving killers early parole is still very much with us. Nineteen years ago, Armstrong raped and murdered 16 year-old Linda Bright. Linda was selling magazine subscriptions at a Kingston, Ontario shopping mall when she disappeared on March 8, 1978. She was found the next day, barefoot in sub-zero temperatures, strangled and run over by the side of the road. It took authorities more than two years to catch up with her killer. When they did, it took a jury just one and a half hours to convict Armstrong of first degree murder.
by Michael Harris, The Ottawa Sun
Read The Full Story: Coming Out of the Shadows

May 20, 1997
Justices uphold death sentence in rape-murder
Bakersfield, California: The California Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty given a door-to-door salesman who was convicted of murdering a 65-year-old woman who told him to leave. A Kern County Superior Court jury convicted John Lee Holt of robbery, rape and murder in the 1989 incident, and the state court upheld the decision in this automatic appeal. Holt worked for Austin Diversified Products selling cleaner products door-to-door.
Freedom Communications, Inc.
Orange County Register; Santa Ana; May 20, 1997; BOB EGELKO: The Associated Press
DMPG Info:
Bakersfield Police Department
Crime Report
Case # 89-25009
Kern County California
Felony Criminal Complaint/Judgment
Number: 39910
Criminal Complaint
Criminal Judgment
Arrest Report

September 5, 1996
Two Young Traveling Salesmen Murdered

Traveling Salesmen Murdered
Two young men from out of state were allegedly murdered in Stafford, Genesee County,
Aug. 27 by two fellow sales representatives of All Star Promotions, Pilot Point, Texas.
Michael W. Grinnell, 24, of Massillon, Ohio and Jacob R. Russell, 19, of Elkgrove, Calif.,
stand accused of beating to death Billy Joe Gilbert, Jr., 20, of Terre Haute, Ind. and Adam Chesnek,
18, of Dixon, Ill, apparently because the victims refused to participate in a robbery.
by Howard Appell
Clarion News Staff

November 9, 1994
Trial Begins In Wisconsin Boy's Slaying
DMPG Info:
Child Abduction/Murder - Milwaukee Wi.
Texas Door-to-Door cleaner Company: Hy-Pro Chemical
Owner: Joseph Edge
Sales Agent: John James Smith/First-degree intentional homicide
Date of Crime: 6/23/1994
Milwaukee County Case Number 1994CF942285
In Texas, Robert L. Pennington of Houston's Summit Publishers Service Co.,
Joseph Edge of Fort Worth's Mecca Enterprises and Mike Furman of San Antonio's
Ticoa Corp. became known as the "Texas trio.'' Those men and others connected
with their companies hold five of 10 board positions on the National Field Selling Association,
the industry's trade group. See: Aug 19, 1992: Slaves to the sale
end DMPG Info.

Trial Begins In Wisconsin Boy's Slaying
Chicago Sun - Times; Chicago, Ill.; Nov 9, 1994;
MILWAUKEE A door-to-door salesman accused of killing a 9-year-old boy told police that he was glad he had been apprehended because otherwise he would go "back to Illinois to kill again," jurors were told Tuesday. Prosecutor Mark Williams commented in opening statements at the trial of John James Smith, 19, of west suburban Carol Stream, on charges of first-degree intentional homicide and child abduction in the death of Jesse Hubatch. The boy disappeared June 23 and was found a day later in a wooded area not far from his home in Franklin, a Milwaukee suburb. Smith had been selling cleaning products door to door in the neighborhood. His attorney, Cynthia Wynn, told Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey A. Wagner in her opening statement that police had used Smith ass a convenient scapegoat and had arrested the wrong man. "The police and community were outraged by this crime. They were panicked," Wynn said. "They found a suspect and they pinned this crime on him." Wynn contended that Smith's confession was coerced by an intense day of interrogation. "They put words in his mouth. They provided him with a map of the area," Wynn said. "They showed him pictures, making it easy for him to fill in the gaps." Williams said the prosecution would play the taped confession in which Smith described a feeling of power while strangling the boy. "He was glad he got caught, because he liked killing and would kill again if he could," Williams said. "He said if he got out, he was going to Illinois to kill again."
Suburb Man Admits Killing Boy, Cops Say
Chicago Sun - Times; Chicago, Ill.; Jun 28, 1994;
MILWAUKEE A door-to-door salesman from west suburban Carol Stream told police something snapped inside him just before he strangled a 9-year-old Franklin, Wis., boy he had just met, according to court records filed Monday. John James Smith, 19, was charged in Circuit Court with first-degree intentional homicide and child abduction in the death of Jesse Hubatch. Smith stated that the "thing he remembered about killing Jesse Hubatch was Jesse Hubatch's eyes and that they just kept staring at him, a naked blank stare, that he could see death in Jesse Hubatch's eyes as he strangled him," the criminal complaint said. Hubatch vanished Thursday evening after leaving home to visit a neighborhood friend, prompting a search of the suburb south of Milwaukee. The boy's naked body was found a block away Friday afternoon in the brush adjoining a neighbor's backyard. Smith remained jailed Monday in lieu of $100,000 bail. A preliminary hearing was set for Friday. Smith was in Franklin on Thursday afternoon selling cleaning products door-to-door with a group that worked for a Texas-based company. According to the criminal complaint, Smith told Franklin police that after he met Hubatch, they talked, walked around the neighborhood and then went to the wooded area. Smith said he snapped and began strangling the boy with his hands. Thinking the boy was dead, Smith said he let go, but began strangling him again and beat his head against the ground four or five times, court records said. Smith told authorities he removed the boy's clothing and dragged the lifeless body around before fleeing the scene, court records said. There is no mention of sexual assault in either Smith's statement to police or in the medical examiner's report. But evidence is being collected to investigate that possibility, according to search-warrant records.

1992 - 1993
Slaves To The Sale
Nancy Stancill
Slaves To The Sale

The following articles represent an excellent history of the traveling door-to-door-sales industry. Although the company names cited in this series have changed over the years, and some of the individuals are out of the business, a number of their managers have gone on to become the new industry "elite" whose companies are being named today in national news stories of labor abuse and criminal activity. Stancill's award-winning series in the Houston Chronicle illustrates how the industry's second generation organized itself and operated. Today, there is a third generation that has sprung directly from the companies named here. Each generation has passed its illegal methods down from one to the next, and thus is a self-perpetuating enterprise. Nancy Stancill has received the Southern Journalism Award for separate reports on workplace dangers. Nancy has also received an honorable mention for two series -- "Slaves to the Sale" in 1992 and "Kids on the Job" which examined the exploitation and dangers that plague working teen-agers. "Slaves to the Sale" received earlier awards from the Press Club of Houston and the Sidney Hillman Foundation.

May 4, 1992
Van Overturns on I-80 in Iowa; Five People Killed, Six Injured
Location: Interstate 80 West of Des Moines, Iowa
Earlham, Iowa

A van carrying 11 people swerved out of control and overturned Sunday along Interstate 80. Five of the people died, and the other six were injured. All but two of the occupants were thrown from the van when it rolled, the Iowa State Patrol said. The van strewed debris for 50 yards along the highway before coming to rest in the median. State troopers said the eastbound van went out of control as it was passing another vehicle just west of Earlham in Dallas County. Dr. Francis Garrity, deputy Iowa medical examiner, said the van was one of three that were traveling together from Denver to Chicago. The occupants worked for a company called Total Dedication Inc., Dr. Garrity said. Killed were Edward Gooden, 20, of Chicago; Mark Campbell, 26, of Chesapeake, Va.; Debbie Gibbs, 33, of Philadelphia; Daniel Holloway, 20, of Los Angeles; and Christopher McKee, 24, of Virginia Beach, Va. Gooden died at Mercy Hospital Medical Center in Des Moines, Dr. Garrity said. The others died at the scene, he said. Five of the injured were hospitalized in Des Moines. They were identified as Chakita Ross, 26, of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Tina Allen, 28, of New York City; David Ross, 27, of Gary, Ind.; Michael Atkins, 30, of Chicago; and the driver, Starretha Ball, 29, of Philadelphia. Esther Nappi, whose age and address were not available, was treated and released.
Omaha World - Herald; Omaha, Neb.; May 4, 1992;
Credit: AP
DMPG Info:
Total Dedication Inc. aka: American Community Services.
end DMPG Info.

April 6, 1985
2 sentences given in rape on north side
A door-to-door magazine salesman who raped and cut the throat of a prospective customer pleaded guilty Friday to charges of attempted capital murder and sexual assault. In exchange for two 50-year prison terms. William Mark LaFranchi, 20, will be allowed to serve the two 50-year sentences concurrently.
William Mark LaFranchi: Rape and Attempted Murder

His 20-year-old victim and her husband and mother attended the brief session with state District Judge Mace Thurman. The victim was raped Feb. 27 after LaFranchi went to her North Austin apartment to sell magazines. After failing to sell subscriptions, LaFranchi started to leave, then grabbed the woman, police said. He threatened to harm her baby, then raped her and tried to suffocate her with a pillow. In the confusion LaFranchi said he decided to get a butcher knife from the kitchen of the victim when she did not stop breathing, said Caria Garcia, assistant district attorney. He cut her throat and left her on the bed. She regained consciousness about 30 minutes later and called her husband. About 200 stitches were required to close the wound, her husband said. LaFranchi was arrested the next day after a resident reported a prowler at his home. The last address LaFranchi gave police was a motel in San Marcos. He has traveled throughout the country selling magazines.
Austin American-Stateman 04/06/1985
Morning Edition
Reproduced from the collections of the Austin History Center:
And the Austin Public Library:
DMPG Info:
Magazine Sales Company:
Summit Publishers Service Co.,
Houston, Texas.
Founder: Peter Wiegandt: Status: (murdered or committed suicide)
Owner: Robert L. Pennington: Status: (deceased)
Manager: Kevin Mooney: Status: (unknown)
See slaves to the sale by Nancy Stancill for more info on Pennington and Summit Publishers:
Slaves to the sale

A Industry Rife With Fraud, Exploitation, and Crime
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Do you love your daughter?
Then contact the Magaizine Publishers of America and the National Field Selling Association
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Tell them to put an end to the greed and the crime before another innocent life is lost.

Do you love your child?
Then contact the Magaizine Publishers of America and the National Field Selling Association
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